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  • 15th Miyako Local Performing Arts Festival

  • Must-read and must-hear “Miyako’s Voice”

  • If we touch each other, we can see – Miyako's shape and my body –

  • Children's Theater Company Miyako Daisy's 8th performance "Two Queens and a Human Child"

  • 37th Citizen Performing Arts Festival

  • A stream flows into the sea – A dance between someone and me born from the climate –

  • Theater Drama Club 2023 “The farther away you are, the faster you move away from me” / Miyako performance

  • Concert Caravan PLUS!

  • Kim Ito solo dance performance "Dummys"

  • Recruiting theater club members! |Meeting WS will be held

  • Sanriku Taiko Festival 2023

  • Japanese drum workshop

  • Ryukyu Dance and Ryukyu Classical Music in Iwate

  • Mini workshop & concert to feel Ryukyu [classical music]

  • Mini workshop & concert to feel Ryukyu [Ryukyu dance edition]

  • The 14th Miyako Folk Performing Arts Festival

  • Sanriku AIR Yukio Suzuki "Connecting"

  • Children's Theater Company Miyako Daisy 7th Performance "Nine People on Chimney Mountain"

  • IWATE AIR/AIR Kyle Yamada, Rena Kimura Cocco Doodle Doo in the Land of Dawn

  • Japan Philharmonic Orchestra Tohoku Dream Project Collaboration Performance Orchestra Caravan in Miyako

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