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If we touch each other, we can see – Miyako's shape and my body –

What does “touch” mean?

Confirming the boundaries between things and yourself, confirming the contours of existence, and reaching the inner parts that cannot be seen on the surface, and it seems that “touch'' does not necessarily mean touching directly.

“Touch” includes a wide variety of mutual activities. I visited Miyako on a journey to experience various things.

Based on the idea of “Touch the Ghost Skin'' (*1), a work that uses the body and images to move between appreciation and experience, we have created and delivered a new version as an original version of the Miyako Civic Cultural Center.

During my summer stay, I wanted to encounter "rocks" and "towns," so I visited Sannoiwa Rock, Jodogahama Beach, Takohama Beach, and several other locations around the city. We also participated in a disaster prevention lesson in Tadoka Town.

We will touch the climate of Miyako and create various dances based on that feeling. Will we be able to open our five senses and come into contact with various things?

This is an attempt to evoke in my body the memories I have touched, the circumstances, the scenery, and the warmth of that time, and to bring to the stage what was certainly right in front of my eyes.

*1 "I can't see you -touch the ghost skin-" is an installation + performance piece that uses video and the body. The first performance will be in 2020. Stage viewing URL: https://youtu.be/hapynzTgzsE?si=KZeisg4Ztquto63F

Holding period 2024/2/12
Open time 14:00~ Before the performance! Dance/video installation experience tour

15:00~ Dance performance as a result of the stay
Venue Miyako Civic Cultural Center Large Hall
Address 2-22 Isogikioki, Miyako City
Price [All seats are free]

Advance purchase: 500 yen *Additional 500 yen on the day *Free for preschoolers

Ticket sales|Miyako Civic Cultural Center (9:00-17:00/closed on Mondays) Online reservations available
Contact Miyako Civic Cultural Center TEL:0193-63-2511
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