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Must-read and must-hear “Miyako’s Voice”

  2024/3/16~2024/3/17 Miyako City Miyako Citizens' Cultural Center   111 Views

Kapi Shido is a playwright who creates monologue scripts based on local stories. He walks around listening to stories about the sea, cities, and mountains, and writes down various episodes from different times and places. We will be performing “Yomiai Utsudoi,'' a reading of scripts born in Miyako, at East Pier Miyako, and “Kikiai Utsudoi,'' a reading performance featuring the Miyako Civic Theater Factory, at the Miyako Civic Cultural Center.

I stayed in Miyako City in December 2023 and spoke to people living in Miyako, ranging from elementary school students to people in their 90s.
The content varies from time to time and scenery depending on the speaker. The bustle of Kuwagasaki when it was once called the capital, conversations at Yokoyama Hachiman Shrine on New Year's Eve, memories of Jodogahama on a field trip when I was a student, the scenery around Isogei during and after the war, the Hanawa Lion Dance. The situation at the site where the tradition is inherited, the spring, summer, fall and winter of Suzukuna's fields, the piano recital at the Miyako Civic Hall, the scenery of the old road that connects Miyako to Morioka…
I turned each one into a monologue script.
Rather than just watching the stage from the audience seats, I hope it will be a casual event where you can have lively chats. Please feel free to come and visit us with your friends. driveway capi

Holding period 2024/3/16~2024/3/17
Open time 3/16 13:30~15:00

Show starts at 13:30 on 3/17* Opens 30 minutes before
Venue 3/16 East Pier Miyako Conference Room 1

3/17 Miyako Civic Cultural Center Middle Hall
Address 2-22 Isogikioki, Miyako City
Price free

If you would like to attend, please contact the Miyako Civic Cultural Center.
Contact Miyako Civic Cultural Center TEL:0193-63-2511
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※Event information is subject to change. Please see the official website for details.


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