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  2. List of organizers

List of organizers

    • public facility
      Government offices, cultural facilities, physical education facilities, educational facilities, welfare facilities, public halls, etc.

    • Companies, stores
      Department stores, shopping centers, restaurants, leisure facilities, hotels, etc.

    • town planning
      Neighborhood associations, shops, town development groups, etc.

    • Cultural organization
      Cultural activity support groups, folk performing arts groups, literary / handicraft / horticultural groups, etc.

    • Arts group
      Artists, art groups, traditional performing arts groups, planning and production groups, etc.

    • Sports group
      Athletes or athlete groups, competition planning groups, etc.

    • Industrial group
      Agriculture, fisheries, forestry, industry, service industry, tourism, etc.

    • Support group
      Event equipment, technical support, printing, product sales, staff, and other support groups

  • Other
    Organizations that do not fit into any of the above