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A stream flows into the sea – A dance between someone and me born from the climate –

Akino Yokoyama, who is participating in various residency programs, stayed in Miyako City, Iwate Prefecture for two weeks. In this performance, as a presentation of the results of the stay, we will hold a roundtable discussion to gather stories from people living in Miyako City, as well as dance works created from the experiences we gained from seeing and hearing the people's lives, folk tales, history, and climate. I'll show it off.

Performance information

As I walked along the coast of Miyako, I learned that people were once again living in places that had been washed away by the sea many times.

Just as the daily lives and events of the past have been turned into stories, dances, and music that have been passed down as folk tales, kagura, and traditional performing arts, we will create stories based on what people living in Miyako do and do not talk about from a “now'' perspective. Create a dance.

Please tell us about everyday scenes that are so commonplace that we forget them, things that happen at the sea or in the mountains, or mysterious experiences that don't begin with "Once upon a time, in a certain place."

Anyone who feels like, “It's been unusually hot this summer, and it hasn't stopped,'' is welcome, and anyone can participate.

Akino Yokoyama


We are looking for anecdotes such as stories you have heard from your grandmothers in the past, personal incidents at the sea or in the mountains, and mysterious experiences. It can be a trivial everyday event. Please feel free to use it as a reference for roundtable discussions and new dances (please feel free to do so!). We await your many submissions.
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Holding period 2023/10/29
Open time Opening at 13:30

Show starts at 14:00
Venue middle hall
Address 2-22 Isogioki, Miyako City
Price free
Contact Miyako Civic Cultural Center

TEL: 0193-63-2511
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