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  • Fureai Cooking Local sweets (application acceptance starts from May 21)

  • Liberal arts course "Notes on online shopping and how to enjoy it"

  • Manufacturing class Kogin-zashi (application acceptance starts from 5/19)

  • Beginner sign language class 1st term (application acceptance starts from 5/7)

  • Beginner sign language class 2nd term (application acceptance starts from 10/1)

  • Little child campaign 2022

  • Smartphone classroom for seniors

  • Archery classroom experience meeting

  • Archery classroom 2nd term

  • Archery classroom 1st term

  • Archery classroom experience meeting

  • Body composition measurement meeting

  • Refreshing exchange table tennis tournament (cancelled)

  • Hydrotone experience

  • Manufacturing classroom Amimono

  • Futsal experience

  • Fureai Sports Forum

  • Futsal experience

  • Parent-child swimming for young children

  • Children's manufacturing class

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  • Request lesson Gymnastics that you don't have to work hard

  • Request lesson Lively muscle training class

  • Underwater walking for people with knee and hip disorders

  • Sitting rhythm

  • Sports classroom one point lesson

  • Swimming one point lesson