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  • Snow sports day (applications now being accepted)

  • Children's Craftsmanship Class: Handmade Snow Globe (Applications now being accepted)

  • First pottery class ③ Let's make original tableware!

  • New sports experience, exchange meeting

  • Fun & Fast Running Class

  • Nofuku Marche in Fureai Land Iwate

  • After-school social gatherings ~Let's move our bodies in a fun way! ~

  • Fureai Land Festival 2023

  • Children's swimming class (swimming class for elementary school students)

  • Morukku experience (applications are being accepted)

  • Blue sky walking & stretching

  • Fureai Cooking Japanese sweets that feel like autumn

  • Chibikko Campaign 2023

  • Body composition measurement meeting

  • The 26th Refreshing Exchange Table Tennis Tournament

  • Snow Games

  • One point sign language class

  • Fureai Cooking Easy! Cooking Tips ~Let's Eat Dairy Products~ (Applications will be accepted from 5/13)

  • Monozukuri Class Marble Art (Applications accepted from 1/9)

  • Fureai Cooking Christmas with a short-time snack (applications accepted from 11/10)

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  • za rhythm

  • Rhythm dance (exercise to build legs)

  • Swimming one-point lesson

  • Fresh Aqua (walking and dancing to music)

  • Request lesson Gymnastics that you don't have to work hard

  • Request lesson Lively muscle training class