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Sanriku Taiko Festival 2021

It has been 10 years since the earthquake. With the thought of requiescats.

In Miyako City, a coast of Sanriku, where there are many taiko fans, we will invite taiko performance groups from all over the Tohoku region and the Sanriku region to hold a competition. The event will be held with the aim of providing a memorial service for the victims of the earthquake and further determination for reconstruction, as well as helping the residents of the coastal disaster areas to recover their minds.

Performing group


Formed in 2010. A rehearsal hall is set up in Kurihara City, Miyagi Prefecture, and three people are active.
In addition to performance activities in various parts of Japan, he is engaged in a wide range of activities such as instructing wadaiko groups, providing music, and wadaiko classes at elementary schools.

Rifu Taiko

1990. A small sound that could be drowned out by the noise of the surroundings, that was the heartbeat that announced the birth of Rifu Taiko.
A major turning point for Rifu Taiko was the encounter with Tokatsuya Ichiro, a leading Japanese drum player.
Since I started receiving guidance from 1996, my progress has been amazing.
While always pursuing the real thing and incorporating new shapes, he is challenging and tackling the most difficult instrument, the easiest and most difficult instrument, without losing the color of Rifu taiko.

Yamakiya Taiko

Yamakiya Taiko was established in 2001 and created songs with the theme of "Beautiful nature and here is my hometown", and continues to practice and perform based in Kawamata Town, Fukushima Prefecture. Currently, there are 22 people from children to working people, and through Wadaiko, they carry out activities that value cross-generational exchanges and connections with the local community.
The Yamakiya district became an evacuation area after the Great East Japan Earthquake. (Cancelled at the end of March 2015)
I am grateful that I have been able to continue my activities thanks to the many connections I have made through the earthquake and the feelings of support, and I am resonating with the heartbeat of my hometown.

Odate Magewappa Taiko

Odate Magewappa Taiko was devised in 1984 with the aim of revitalizing the region and fostering the healthy development of young people. Formed.
Since then, through activities such as popularization and succession of traditional and creative music, taiko experience guidance at town associations and schools, "taiko de diet class", "city board of education sponsored master course wadaiko course", 2005 Akita Prefecture Received the Art Selection Furusato Culture Award and the 2012 Akita Prefecture Arts and Culture Chapter.
Shinobu Osawa, a member, also develops solo activities. Participated in a unit with former off-course drummer Jiro Oma and Shuichi Hidano With Taiko Masters. He has been active in overseas performances such as the National Theater "Japanese Taiko" performance, France Paris FICEP Foreign Culture Week, and IAEA International Atomic Energy Agency performance.
For over 30 years since its formation, he has been performing in and out of the prefecture to spread the "Sound of Furusato Odate".

Miyako Abare Taiko

In 1973, the youth club of the fish and vegetable market gathered to form a group to enliven Miyako, but now it is a group of taiko lovers of various ages and jobs.
He is active mainly in Miyako, and in recent years he has also been touring inland to perform.
He has also performed at national drum festivals (1996, 2007), Aichi Expo (2005), and concerts from northern countries (Reiwa 2).
The aim is to create songs that can express the state of the sea in Miyako and the people living there with drums, and there are many songs related to the sea.
It appeals to the sea of Miyako through drums and delivers lively and lively performances while expressing people living in the sea.

Yamaguchi Taiko no Kai

Formed in 1972 as the Yamaguchi Youth Association in Miyako City, Iwate Prefecture. In 1976, the name was changed to Yamaguchi Taiko no Kai, and activities centered on taiko began and continue to the present day.
This year marks the 49th anniversary of its formation, including the National Theater, National Taiko Festival, National Cultural Festival Iwate, Kyoto Festival, Sapporo Snow Festival, World Alpine Ski / World Figia Skating Championship Opening Ceremony, Tohoku Rokkonsai / Tohoku Kizuna Festival, etc. Performs numerous performances in various places. Since 1982, he has participated in performances in Spain, China, Russia, and other parts of Japan with the late "Himekami" Yoshiaki Hoshi and the second generation Yoshiaki Hoshi. In addition, through activities such as local festivals and consolation activities, we have taken steps for the purpose of preserving and handing it down, nurturing children, etc., and in recognition of our activities rooted in the community, we received the Miyako City Cultural Achievement Award in 1995.

Holding period 2021/5/2
Open time Opening 12:00

Start at 13:00
Venue Miyako Citizens' Cultural Center / Large Hall
Address 2-22 off Sokeioki, Miyako City
Price General 2,000 yen High school students and younger 1,000 yen
Contact Miyako Citizens' Cultural Center TEL: 0193-63-2511
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