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  3. 4/21●Children will be motivated and develop their abilities! Genius Development Communication Seminar

4/21●Children will be motivated and develop their abilities! Genius Development Communication Seminar

  2024/4/21 Morioka City Aina   44 Views

Children will be self-motivated and develop their skills!
Genius Development Communication Seminar

Iwate venue + Zoom venue will be held simultaneously!

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Are you currently experiencing any of these concerns about raising your children?

●Even when I tell my child to study, he doesn't do it.
●I'm always annoyed because my child doesn't listen to what his parents say.
●Compared to other children, they lack confidence and are not doing well.
●If things continue like this, I'm worried about the future.


●I want to help my child develop his or her talents!
●I want my child to grow up to be a confident person with high self-esteem!
●I want to enjoy raising children without the anxiety, worries, and frustration!
●I want my child to grow up to be someone who can learn on his own and demonstrate his genius!

Isn't there any hope for that?

If you are facing child-rearing with worries and ideals like these, then this seminar is for you!!

[Customer feedback]

●I gained the knowledge to live my life again!

●The contents were important not only for childcare but also for communication with spouses, at work, and with oneself. It's a waste to do this on such a small scale with such a small budget.

●The course on how to develop self-esteem was particularly helpful. I wish I had known about it sooner.

●I would recommend this to everyone with children and those who want to make their lives shine!

I came to understand well that the words, actions, and way parents behave can change their children.

It was very good that everything was explained in detail and easy to understand.

In this seminar, Mayumi Yamada, who has worked with over 6,000 people as a self-realization coach,
What I have practiced in raising my children,
With psychological justification,
I will only tell you about things that have actually worked for me ,

You can learn practical and specific things like "What should I do from today?"
You can put it to use right away in your child-rearing!

[Mayu's way of raising children: My son is…]

●Even though she grew up in a single-parent household and doesn't even know her father's face, she still believes, "I love myself more than anything in the world" and "I am loved by everything in the universe."
He has such high self-esteem that he can confidently say,

From being a dropout with zeros on tests and police involvement to two homestays abroad,
Ranked first in the national high school mock exam and passed the entrance exam for Keio University on the first try without attending a cram school.

●Even though I never told him to study, he started to enjoy learning on his own.

●While working part-time during high school, he contributed to unprecedented sales results (sales of 30 million yen) at the company as the youngest person to do so, and attended employee-only meetings as a high school student.

The way we raise our children would be considered "unreasonable" by most society.
But there is a psychological basis and reason for everything.

[What will be presented at this seminar (planned)]

-What are the teachings from parents that are “useless” to children?
How to improve self-esteem and self-confidence

– Buying, doing, or praising as a reward for hard work is dangerous!
・Is that way of praising them lowering their self-esteem?

・Communication tips to develop children's independence
-What is the “self-image” that unleashes genius?

-How can we help children develop the ability to think, choose, and act for themselves?
-How can we encourage children to study on their own without feeling like they are being forced to do so?

・How to develop a child's "self-centeredness"
How to utilize your abilities and achieve good results

(The above contents will be changed depending on the situation)

Children will be self-motivated and develop their skills!
Genius Development Communication Seminar

[Event Schedule]

Iwate + Online Zoom
Sunday, April 21st 9:45-12:15
(Registration 9:40)


[Iwate] Aina (details will be sent by email after application)

[Online Zoom] From your home or anywhere in the country (a smartphone/PC/tablet with an internet connection is required)
(The URL will be sent to you by email after you apply.)

[Course Fee]

[General] 10,000 yen [Shared] 4,000 yen↓
Conditions for Share Discount Application (Must Read)

Self-Realization Coach Mayumi Yamada

Of course, for parents who want to raise their children to be geniuses,
We welcome participation from those who feel there are issues with employee training or communication between spouses.
We hope you will make good use of this information!

We look forward to serving you!

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[Instructor introduction]
Mayumi Yamada CEO of HAPPY STANDARD Co., Ltd.
Representative of Jonetsu Life Association / Self-realization coach / Seminar lecturer

A divorced single mother with a junior high school education.
Social phobia since childhood, two divorces,
Depression, eating disorders, suicide of father or coworker,
After experiencing the earthquake and other disasters, he decided to change his life.

By studying psychology to increase self-esteem and utilizing the subconscious mind and the law of attraction, you can make almost any dream come true.

Has experience instructing and supporting over 6,000 people both in Japan and overseas.
Although he only has a junior high school education, he is a part-time university lecturer.
He has experience giving seminars at government agencies.
My child also passed the entrance exam for Keio University without going to cram school.

The top three comments we have received from a wide variety of customers, from housewives to business owners, priests, and teachers, are "Easy to understand" and "An eye-opener."
"My life changed."

By helping you clarify what you really want to do and raising your self-esteem,
Self-realization, ideal business ventures, marriage,
Many clients have seen their lives improve, including a significant increase in income.

We hold seminars across the country with the vision of creating a society where everyone can live freely and true to themselves, and where "happiness is the norm."

My motto is "Life is a drama we create ourselves! Everything will be fine!"

Cat lover, feline, cat allergy.

★Belief: The best education for children is to see adults laughing and enjoying life.
There are only geniuses in this world.
・Life is full of possibilities.
・Give people courage and hope through your way of life.
Freedom isn't about getting everything, it's about letting go of everything.

★Qualifications and experience: WD Senior Practitioner, Japan Association of Fitness Mechanics; Part-time lecturer, Iwate Prefectural University; Candle artist, Japan Candle Association; Various qualifications as a psychological counselor

★The source of passion ・Telling people how to live happily ・Giving courage to people ・Feeling the potential of humanity ・Giving various options and expanding the possibilities for the future ・Seeing women find happiness in their own way ・Living freely without being bound by common sense ・Feeling love ・Feeling the universe

★Favorite books: Ami, the Little Alien by Enrique Barrios; Gaia's Law by Issei Senga; Imagine and Create by Satomi Ozaki

★My favorite movie is The Help ~A heartwarming story~
・The Notebook ・Soulful World

We provide information frequently.
Please feel free to follow me or send me a friend request!



Holding period 2024/4/21
Open time Reception 9:40

Start time 9:45

Ends 12:15
Venue Iwate Prefectural Citizens' Information Exchange Center Aina
Address Morioka City Morioka Station Nishidori 1-7-1
Contact HAPPY STANDARD Co., Ltd.

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