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[Change to online] Assertiveness course Technology to convey difficult things to say

  2022/2/20 Morioka City Aina   820 Views

Thank you for visiting this page.

The application for participation in this course will be closed.

Please see by many people

Thank you very much.

"Technology to convey difficult things to say"

Because it is now in the online era

Learn the basics of communication "assertion"

Deepen ties with the people around you while valuing yourself and the other person

Learn about communication

Are you worried about something like this?

  • It's hard to say different opinions

  • I can't refuse when asked to have a plan

  • I'm nervous about people who think I'm in a higher position than myself and can't say anything

  • I can't refuse solicitations that I don't need

  • I don't want to be disliked

  • My idea is correct, so no matter what I say, I won't change it

  • I get emotionally angry with people who think differently from me

Can you tell the people around you what you feel and what you want to say?

I have something I really want to say, but I can't say it … I wonder if I can say it …

I don't want to be disliked by the other person, so I care about the other person and withdraw myself.

I always put up with myself.

Why can't I feel like I'm the only one and build a good relationship with the other person?

Even if you can say what you want to say, it makes the other person uncomfortable

I've pushed my thoughts.

You may have hurt someone so far …

Some people feel that way.


What is important for us to interact with others

First of all, it is the ability to take care of your feelings and feelings and convey them frankly.

In the same way, it is important to be considerate of each other, valuing the feelings and thoughts of the other person.

But for us humans, what is happening right now can look distorted.

It is due to various beliefs and misunderstandings of yourself.

It greatly affects communication with others.

In this course, you will learn the characteristics of your own way of thinking and understanding through self-diagnosis.

Through deep reflection on how to communicate with others

Learn how to express yourself frankly.

Through real-life self-diagnosis and practical training as online progress progresses

This is your chance to learn how to communicate comfortably.

It will be the "base of communication" that both you and the other person cherish.

Learn the way of thinking and method together

Create better relationships with people close to you.

Useful for things like this

  • You can know the characteristics of your own way of looking at things and thinking

  • Learn how to express and convey your feelings frankly

  • You can talk with people who disagree with you and know how to reach a mutually convincing conclusion.

  • For improving relationships such as couples, parents and children, lovers, and friendships

  • To foster a sense of unity in the company

  • For improving relationships with people with different job titles and positions

Impressions of those who participated in this course / training

■ I was not good at telling things that were difficult to say by myself, but in today's course, I was able to confirm that this was the case with the habit of thinking that I had already noticed. Instead of thinking it was difficult, I wanted to simply use assertive words. The DESC method was briefly introduced in the training of care managers, but it was not well understood. In the future, it seems that we will be able to organize our minds and work on difficult cases. I learned a lot.

■ It was a good opportunity to look at my way of thinking, and I learned the words (assertion) I heard for the first time, and I felt that it was important to forgive myself more loosely with the belief that I was too strict with myself. Depending on the content, I thought it might be a little difficult. I am grateful that the event was held locally and I was able to take it without going to Morioka, and I want to cherish today's relationship (encounter), and it seems that I also took other courses.

■ I was able to deepen my understanding of the basics of communication and assertions. I would like to make use of it in the future by telling me concretely what was "somehow" until now. I hope that compassionate communication will spread throughout the company in the future. Thank you very much.

■ It was a quick time, but it was a lot of fun and noticeable to me. I will tell you something that is difficult to say in the future. On the contrary, even if it was difficult to say, I thought it was okay to say it, so I thought that was the biggest.

■ I'm a little shocked that I have a lot of my beliefs, but I realize that communication isn't working because of that, and I think it's difficult right away, so I'd like to be able to improve my beliefs.

■ It's very helpful and practical today, so I'm going to go home and try it. I was talking to the neighbor, but now that I'm not frustrated, I have an image of getting better. The atmosphere was very nice and it was a quick time. thank you.

■ I strongly felt that it is very meaningful for all staff members to take the same theme and discuss it, unlike training by rank. I think that harassment represented by power harassment is occurring frequently in society (inside the company). I think that taking this training without any hierarchical relationship and establishing communication will lead to solving various problems.

"Technology to convey difficult things to say"

February 20, 4th (Sun) 13: 10-16: 40

venue Morioka Station West Exit Aina Online ZOOM will be held

Lecture Office m-SMILE Miwako Iwaizumi

Textbook, self-diagnosis sheet, training participation fee 4,000 yen (tax included)

* Application for participation has been closed.

Application form for participation in the course hosted by Office m-SMILE

* We will inform you about the application details and participation fee to the email address you entered when you applied.

Therefore, please make settings so that our address can be received.

* Those who are currently active as human resources consultants, training instructors, counselors, and those who are planning to do so in the future

Please refrain from participation by people in the same industry.

★ Measures to prevent the spread of infection

About measures to prevent the spread of infection in our training and lectures

Holding period 2022/2/20
Open time Opening 13:05

Start 13:10
Venue Morioka Station West Exit Aina
Address 1-7-1 Nishidori, Morioka Station, Morioka City, Iwate Prefecture 020-0045
Parking Yes (available)
Price Textbook, self-diagnosis sheet, training participation fee 4,000 yen (tax included)
Contact office.m.smile@gmail.com Iwaizumi
HP Click here for official website and other related sites

※Event information is subject to change. Please see the official website for details.


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