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<Postponed> Dairakudakan Ikko Tamura Butoh Performance [Miyako Homonki]

Considering the effects of the new coronavirus infection, we have decided to postpone it in a hurry.
We will inform you of the postponed schedule.

It's a mess

A twig of a ginkgo tree that became a cane ) The story of the sea and the wind

Ikko Tamura, the butoh of the butoh group "Dairakudakan", appears in Miyako City.
We will showcase original butoh works that incorporate ideas from various cultures and landscapes in Miyako.

Appearance (Dairakudakan) Ikko Tamura / Akiko Takakuwa / Kanetan Liang
Technical staff (Dairakudakan) Aso Takeshi
Choreography / Direction / Art Tamura Ikko

Butoh dancer, choreographer, actor. Born in Tokyo. Entered Dairakudakan in 1998 and studied under Akaji Maro. Since then, he has appeared in all Dairakudakan works. In 2002, released "Crowded Libertine". Received the 34th Dance Critics Association New Face Award for this work. In 2008, studied abroad in France under the Agency for Cultural Affairs' up-and-coming artist study abroad program. Since 2011, as a registered artist of Regional Creation <Public Hall Contemporary Dance Revitalization Project>, he has been enthusiastically challenging the creation of works on the theme of local culture and climate, and continues to release his own works. ..

(Dairakudakan Official Homepage: http://www.dairakudakan.com )

Holding period 2021/9/25
Open time 14:00 *Starting before 30 minutes
Venue Miyako Citizens' Cultural Center Large Hall
Address 2-22 off Sokeioki, Miyako City
Access https://iwate-arts-miyako.jp/access/
Price [August 1st (Sun) general sale start / all seats reserved / same-day ticket 500 yen increase]

General 1,000 yen

High school students and younger 500 yen
Contact Miyako Citizens' Cultural Center TEL: 0193-63-2511
HP Click here for official website and other related sites

※Event information is subject to change. Please see the official website for details.


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