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Performance "Misaki no Mayoiga" produced by Miyako Citizens' Cultural Center

Kitazaki, a coastal town in Iwate prefecture.
On the day of the earthquake, " Hiyori ", a girl who couldn't mourn her parents who were there due to a traffic accident, and " Yui ", who couldn't stand the violence of her husband and escaped from Tokyo.
The one who reached out to them was a mysterious grandmother who could talk to them as "non-human."
At the old house (Mayoiga) on the cape, the three began to snuggle up like a family.

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Holding period 2021/2/6
Open time Opening 13:30

Start at 14:00
Venue Miyako Citizens' Cultural Center Large Hall
Address 2-22 off Sokeioki, Miyako City
Price All seats reserved

General 3,500 yen (4,000 yen on the day)

U18 1,500 yen (2,000 yen on the day)

* Preschoolers are not admitted

* U18 requires a student ID or age certificate at the time of admission
Contact Miyako Citizens' Cultural Center TEL.0193-63-2511
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