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I want to use it carefully even if it breaks! Kintsugi Workshop

  2020/9/19~2020/9/19 Morioka City   1,040 Views

I lost it while using it …
But I can't throw it away!
Would you like to repair such a container yourself?

We would like to invite Mr. Hirokazu Shimamori, a lacquer and jewelry artist from Hachinohe, to teach us how to make Kintsugi, which also serves as the unveiling of Sakubeido.

Repair the chipped part with putty, apply lacquer, and sprinkle gold powder on it to complete.

After the workshop, you can take it home and let it dry for a week or two before using it.

On the day of the event, we will secure a distance by reducing the number of seats at the venue, and with the cooperation of disinfecting hands, wearing masks, and cough etiquette, we will take measures to prevent infection with the new coronavirus.

■ Date and time ■
9/19 (Sat)
Morning session (9: 00-12: 00) 4 people Afternoon session (13: 00-16: 00) 4 people

■ Price ■
5000 yen * Up to 2 containers (reservation required / due to material reasons, please be sure to contact us at least 3 days before the event)
Please pay in cash on the day.

■ What to bring ■
・ Up to 2 kintsugi tsugi * Some kintsugi can be kintsugi and some are not.
When applying for participation, please take a picture of the damaged part and send it.
Please check in advance if it can be repaired.

[Damage that can be spliced]・ Fraying (damage that is chipped by peeling off the surface layer, which may occur when the container is slammed, is the most common method of damage)
・ The chipped part is chipped within 2 cm

[Damage that cannot be spliced]・ Severe cracks and chips (two, torn apart, the size of the chipped part is 2 cm or more)
・ A container that is not glazed, such as baked

・ Apron or clothes that can get dirty ・ Box (cardboard, etc.) to put a container and take home after the workshop

■ Venue ■
Sakubeido Sakubedo 2-8-15 Tsushida-cho, Morioka-shi
* There is a gravel parking lot.
Please park from 0 to 7.

■ How to make a reservation ■
You cannot participate by simply pressing the "Join" button.
From messenger or email (yohakudesign2014@gmail.com) to Yohaku Design ・ Name ・ Participation hope section (AM / PM)
・ Number of participants ・ Telephone number ・ Photograph of Kintsugi tsugi (OK later)
Please contact us.

* Event details are subject to change to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection.
Please note.

Holding period 2020/9/19~2020/9/19
Open time Morning session 9: 00-12: 00 (2 seats remaining)

Afternoon 13: 00-16: 00 (2 seats left)
Venue Sakubeido Sakubedo
Address 2-8-15 Tsushida Town, Morioka City
Parking Yes
Price 5000 Yen
Contact Yohaku Design



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