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11/27 Work Talk Cafe @ Job Cafe Iwate

  2020/11/27~2020/11/27 Morioka City   1,345 Views
■ Job Cafe Iwate will hold "Agricultural Job Guidance" as a special edition of "Job Talk Cafe" (corresponding to job hunting activities for unemployment certification of employment insurance).

■ In Session 1, Mr. Kazumasa Yui from Yui Vegetable Garden in Takizawa City will give a guest talk. Maybe some of you are seeing it opening a store in Marche in the prefecture or selling roasted sweet potatoes in winter. Engagement in other industries → Employment and farming → You can hear plenty of stories from Mr. Yui who became independent.

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▼ Iwate Prefecture Official Iwate Youth Exchange Site "Co.Nex.Us"

■ In Session 2, two companies, Morioka City / Agricultural Association Corporation and Kitakami City / Seibu Development Agricultural Co., Ltd., will exhibit as a farming counseling meeting, and our public corporation will also introduce short-term agricultural training. ..

■ About application

[Target] Those who are interested in agriculture and are up to about 45 years old

[Participation] Advance application is required.

Please apply by phone (019-621-1171) or email (seminar@joncafe-i.jp).

In the case of e-mail, the subject should be "Application for Participation in Work Talk Cafe", and the text should include the name, age, current status (for job seekers / employees / students in grade), and contact information (phone number / email address). please let me know.

■ We will take appropriate measures against the new coronavirus infection, but even if you are a participant, we will cooperate in daily temperature measurement, wearing a mask when you visit, temperature measurement at the venue and disinfection of your hands. Please give me.

Holding period 2020/11/27~2020/11/27
Open time 16:00~18:00
Venue Job Cafe Iwate
Address 1-12-18 Morioka Saien Center Building 5th floor
Price free
Contact Iwate Prefectural Agricultural Corporation Farming Support Department

TEL 019-623-9390

FAX 019-623-9396

E-mail ninaite@i-agri.or.jp


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