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Castle Forest Tanken 2020

  2020/11/3 Morioka City   28 Views

Recruitment of participants for "Castle Forest Tanken 2020"

■ Date and time: November 3, 2nd (Tuesday) 10: 30- (about one and a half hours)

■ Meeting place Morioka Castle Ruins Park Multipurpose Square

■ Event contents Observation of trees and historic sites in Morioka Castle Ruins Park by a lecturer

■ Free entry

■ Capacity 15 people

■ How to apply

① Please apply by postcard or fax.

② Items to be stated: Address, name, age, contact information,

③ Application deadline: Must arrive by Tuesday, October 27

* We will contact you by phone after the application deadline regarding whether or not you can participate.

■ Inquiries (public corporation) Iwate Prefecture Greening Promotion Committee

3-15-17 Chuodori, Morioka City, 020-0021

Phone: 019-625-0310, FAX: 019-625-0356

Holding period 2020/11/3
Open time Opening

Venue Morioka Castle Ruins Park
Address Morioka City
Contact Iwate Prefectural Green Promotion Committee

Phone: 019-625-0310

FAX: 019-625-0356


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