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Yumi Kimoto Xmas Dinner Show Shows New Songs 2023 12/9 ㈯ Held

  2023/12/9~2023/12/9 Oshu City

Yumi Kimoto Xmas Dinner Show

During the dinner show, they performed a new single, which is scheduled to be released in November.

Lyricist: Yumi Kimoto

Xmas songs, of course

Debut song ~ Yumi Kimoto's songs up to the present at the venue! ! !

Guests are K3Diva Esmeralda Motoki NAOSHI Chie Oikawa YOSHIMI Controller Dance

Hosted by Mitsuru Unazuki

Liven up the Xmas show with a wonderful guest

About 30 tables are available

If you would like a front seat, please make a reservation and purchase as soon as possible.

Holding period 2023/12/9~2023/12/9
Open time Doors open 17:00

Dinner from 17:30

Show from 18:30
Venue Plaza Inn Mizusawa
Address 29 Ushiroda, Mizusawa Sakuragawa, Oshu City, Iwate Prefecture
Parking can be
Access Please see Yumi Kimoto's homepage.
Price 13000 yen Advance tickets only
Contact Yumi Kimoto office charge Oikawa 09014971251

Plaza Inn Mizusawa Suzuki 0197-25-8811
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※Event information is subject to change. Please see the official website for details.


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