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Polish your love ♪ 🌸 Spring 🌸

  2023/4/23~2023/4/23 Morioka City   352 Views

Morioka 4/23 (Sun) [Information on the 💅 beauty booth]

Brush up on your love ♪ in MORIOKA
I started my business from self-study as a housewife💅
Introducing Nail School Aya!

A salon that revitalized troublesome nails such as split nails, sensitive skin, and ingrown nails

Recommended for those who are weak in pain ❣️
Cuticle treatment does not hurt 🥰

[Event store contents]

💅Nail care model by school students…¥1,000 (usually ¥3,000)

💅 Jr. Kids nail by manicurist…¥500

◆Jr. Manicurist tip sales ¥1,000~

💅Nail care…¥2,000 (usually ¥5,000)
Make your nails beautiful and healthy

💅Time-saving gel nails…¥4,000
・You can enjoy glossy nails for a limited time with a simple gel that does not need to be removed.

◆Jr. Manicurist tip sales ¥1,000~

◆ Entrepreneurship consultation…¥2,000 for 30 minutes
・ We will clarify the wishes of those who are interested in starting a business and help the reality move.

💅Nail school consultation…Free ・I want to study nail art! Can a mom become a manicurist? If you are interested in a manicurist, please feel free to contact us 🎀

🧠 Talent Blossoming Healing
DNA Activation®️
20 minutes¥3,500〜
・ Your talent and true mission will start to move

Nail School Aya ~Entrepreneurship and Opening Support~

Event date and time
4/23 (Sun) 11:00-16:00 *Subject to change.

Venue (free admission) Aina 1-7-1 Morioka Station Nishidori, Morioka City

Main Venue 4F Prefectural Plaza ABC

Conference room 602 (6th floor)
Eating and drinking free space Kids space Pastel art experience 500 yen Sun catcher sale

✨🦋 Event schedule 🦋✨
*Subject to change.

🦋 Miyako 4/15 (Sat) Admission free 13:00-15:00 Venue Umimachi Hiroba Miyako City Community Creation Center

🦋 Yahaba 4/16 (Sun) 13:30-16:30 Venue Yaha Park (5 minutes walk from Yahaba Station East Exit)

🦋 Hachinohe 4/22 (Sat) Admission free 13:00-16:30 Venue hatch (11-1 Mikkamachi, Hachinohe)

[🦋 Brush up on your love 🦋 2023 information]

"Love" is lost in an increasingly complex three-dimensional matrix in a profit-oriented society

Do you have love in your life?

As long as this robbing love continues, the despair of this earth will never disappear…

Familiar news and world news

About you, because we are all connected on a collective level

you are me… i am you…

"When humanity wakes up, the world will be peaceful."

If you live what you want to do without compromise, your smile and the footprints you have walked will become the “hope'' of the earth.

At the "Improve your love ♪" event, you can start a business, open a business, personal import, hand-made pesticide-free food, animal welfare, etc.

Relaxation, workshops, sales,
We provide a place where we can receive true abundance and express beauty based on goodness, such as beauty and divination.

It is an experience-based event that proposes a new way of life that evolves and grows life where you can experience services that enrich your mind and body.

The stalls are different every time.
Please come and visit us (^^)

✨🦋 Other menus that you can experience 🦋✨

Accelerate Realization with Ultimate Power Charge Restore Invincible Mental ①DNA Activation®️
Event experience price 20 minutes 3500 yen ~

For those who want to know themselves and balance their minds!
⭐️ Astrology event experience price 20 minutes 3500 yen ~
[List price 60 minutes 10,000 yen]

For those who want to organize their heads and move reality
🌞TRUE tarot reading event experience price from 3000 yen for 20 minutes
[List price 60 minutes 10,000 yen] *Rider version of tarot cards used

High-dimensional master of light Virgin Mary 🤱 Channeling message event Experience price 3000 yen for 20 minutes

🦋 Event Inquiries 🦋
Leading to a dimension that cannot be reached on its own
Light Center Nefer (during domestic and international business trips)
~ For those who want to create a future beyond their expectations ~
Individual (face-to-face/remote) sessions Various metaphysical classes, meditation Hand-down training for light workers and healers Meditation and hands-on events
(Home parties, stores, corporate dispatch, etc.)

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Holding period 2023/4/23~2023/4/23
Open time Opening 11:00~

start the show
Venue Aina 4th Floor

Address Ekimae-dori, Morioka City
Parking can be
Price free entrance
Contact Leading to a dimension that cannot be reached on its own

Light Center Nefer (during domestic and international business trips)

~ For those who want to create a future beyond their expectations ~

Individual (face-to-face/remote) session

various metaphysical classes

Ensophic Reiki Meditation Handdown

Lightworker Healer Training

Meditation and hands-on events held

(Home parties, stores, corporate dispatch, etc.)

HP Click here for official website and other related sites

※Event information is subject to change. Please see the official website for details.


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