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  • Refine your love ♪ 2023 “Beauty and Health Marche”

  • Morioka Fesan Marche 11/3-12

  • Miyako 11/15 Beauty and Health Marche in Marine Corps DORA

  • Otsuchi Town Oshacchi 10/21 Beauty and Health Marche

  • Hotel Ace Morioka October 14th (Sat) 10:00-16:00 [Opened at Chuo-dori Machikado Marche]

  • Miyako 9/9 Beauty and Health Festa

  • [Beauty and Health Marche in Miyako 11/15 (Wednesday)]

  • [Beauty and Health Marche in Oshacchi 10/21 (Sat)] Organic 1-day cafe & meditation class

  • [Beauty and Health Marche in Kamaishi 10/22 (Sun)] ✨ Happiness aura spreads the light of hope ✨

  • [Iwate 9/9 (Sat) Beauty and Health Festa in Miyako]

  • [Iwate 9/9 (Sat) Beauty and Health Festa in Miyako] ✨✨Happiness aura spreads ✨✨✨ Smiles spread ✨Happy Project

  • Iwate Ki Event 3rd August 6th (Sun)

  • Founded 8000 years ago "True love is here", enriching life ❤︎ Healthy human relationships

  • Magic School 1-day experience entrance ~ popular good luck & fortune spark, esoteric ceremony with golden abundance!

  • Magic school one-day experience entrance ~ Voodoo Tarot!

  • Tarot beginner class opening ~ magic school experience admission 2023/8/6

  • More than 90% of the brain 🧠 is in suspended animation! Awaken the latent brain power that makes the impossible possible and bring out the original performance

  • ⚜️Beauty and Health Festa Free Admission⚜️〜Anshin Ritsumei World〜🕊️💕✨

  • Otohimekai ~Guided Meditation, Investigation of Lyre Performance~

  • Magic school one day experience entrance ~ VOODOO Tarot ~

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  • Ensophic Reiki Distance Therapy ~Practitioner Class~

  • [The oldest Teiogaku Adept Program®️] Promise eternal love at a once-in-a-lifetime bridal event ❤️ Charismatic ✨ Bridal planner ✨

  • Know your self-worth, enjoy your inner ✨beauty✨, and let the 90% of your beauty that is still dormant shine through.

  • [Beauty and Health Marche in Oshacchi 10/21 (Sat)] ~1 day cafe & meditation class~

  • Ensophic Reiki Remote and Bad Habit Therapy

  • Introduction to Magic [Gift of Spirit]


  • I ignored my child's feelings…I treated them like objects…[After emotional detox with Kinsolo]

  • From a truant child to a charismatic manicurist! I got herpes because I was too busy… [After Adept Program®️]

  • Play is over ❤️ A modern Cinderella story where true love begins ✨👠✨ [Adept Program®️ After]

  • I've lost the belief that family is the root of all evil that brings misfortune to life~~🙌. The fear of the ring, which was a symbol that bound me, has disappeared

  • "I hate humans…" The joy of such a goddess is "I want to see the smiles of everyone who has a relationship…"

  • Correct self-image, true self



  • 瞑想&氣道教室

  • フルスピリットアクティベーション

  • エンソフィックレイ

  • DNAアクティベーションで無敵のメンタル

  • TRUEタロットリーディング