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[held on 12/26! ] Recruiting participants for "Youth x NPO Exchange Meeting"!

  2022/12/26 Morioka City   346 Views

Young people in Iwate Prefecture, would you like to create a place for activities outside of school and work?

For example, do you have such a problem?

▶I'm looking for a volunteer/internship destination for winter and spring vacations!
▶ I want to have an experience that leads to "gakuchika / self-promotion" for further education and employment!
I'm interested in community development, but I don't know where to start

As a place to solve such problems, we will hold a “youth x NPO matching exchange meeting”.

At the "youth x NPO matching exchange meeting", not only do we create connections between the young people at the venue and the NPOs, but also after the exchange meeting,
① After the exchange meeting, the secretariat will follow up between the applicants and the host organization !
②For those who wish to participate, we will assist the transportation expenses to the activity site !

Even those who are new to such a place are very welcome.
Of course, everyone who wants to be active is also welcome.

For details, please see the overview below.

■What is the “Youth x NPO Matching Exchange Meeting”?

NPOs and local groups in the prefecture that are recruiting volunteers and internships will gather!
This is an exchange event where you can find a way to get involved in town development that suits you while interacting with the person in charge.

■Flow of exchange meeting

(1) Activity introduction/presentation <br /> You can listen to a presentation on the volunteer/internship program from the person in charge of the organization.

( 2) Exchange time <br /> You can freely move around the booth and hear more about the activities you are interested in.

(3) After-sales follow-up (information dissemination/subsidy for transportation expenses)
After the exchange meeting, we will send out activity information to the participants and provide transportation expense assistance when participating in the activity.

■ Event overview

・ Date: December 26, 2022 (Monday) 13: 00-15: 30
・Venue: Iwate Citizens Information Exchange Center (Aina) 6th Floor Group Activity Room 2
Simultaneous Online Streaming (YouTube Live)
・ Target: High school students, university students, vocational students, young people in Iwate Prefecture (15 to 39 years old)

■ Schedule

12:30-13:00 Doors open/Registration starts
13:00~13:10 Opening/Introduction
13:10~14:20 Act.1 Activity introduction time ~Introduction of activities and presentations by participating groups~
14:20~14:25 Break/Venue change
14:25~15:25 Act.2 Exchange Time ~Information exchange at each booth~
15:25~15:30 Closing

■ How to apply

・Fill out the necessary information on the application form and send it.
・If you have difficulty filling in the form, please send us an email with the following information.
・Address: iwate.stu.vol(a)gmail.com (Please replace (a) with @ when sending an email)
・ Subject: “Young people x NPO matching exchange meeting”
・Text: “(1) Name, (2) Participation method (on-site or online), (3) Interested organization to speak on stage”
*It is possible to participate on the day, but we would appreciate it if you could apply in advance.

■ Speakers (as of 11/30)

①Certified NPO Inkuru Iwate [Morioka City]
Theme: Children's cafeteria volunteer, internship
② NPO Tohoku Iwate Support Channel [Miyako City, Otsuchi Town, Kamaishi City, Morioka City]
Theme: Reconstruction support for the heart through a singing voice cafe event
③NPO Ohanashi Kororin [Ofunato City and Rikuzentakata City]
Theme: Recruitment of volunteers who can consult with us to improve our ability to communicate
④NPO Miyakko Base [Miyako City]
Theme: Practical internship during spring break
⑤ NPO Future Seeds [Morioka City, Takizawa City, Hachimantai City, Shizukuishi Town]
Theme: Empty House de Community House Project
⑥NPO Corporation Town Support Shizukuishi [Shizukuishi Town]
Theme: learning support, Terakoya internship
⑦ Kunohe Village Regional Revitalization Aid Corps [Kunohe Village]
Theme: Regional cooperation activities/experience learning in Kunohe Village
⑧ Kitamata District Promotion Association [ Oshu City ]
Theme: Solving problems in hilly and mountainous areas, work camps
⑨ General Incorporated Association Kadar [Yahaba Town]
Theme: Resident-centered community development, information dissemination business
(10) NPO corporation SET [Iwate Town]
Theme: Iwatemachi Youth Center (provisional) Mini Internship
⑪ NPO Kirikiri Country [ Otsuchi Town ]
Theme: Forest Maintenance and Conservation Activities / Making Firewood
⑫NPO Mirai Library [Whole Iwate Prefecture]
Theme: Career Education Support Program Instructor/Student Planning

For details, please seethis flyer .

We are looking forward to your participation!


■ About "Iwate Student Volunteer Network" <br />Through mutual cooperation and information sharing among student volunteers in Iwate Prefecture, the purpose of this network is to promote the development of independent volunteer activities by young people and to promote ties between the local community and young people. A student network established in 2015. Currently, seven student groups in Iwate Prefecture are participating in the project, working to build a network across a variety of activity themes and to coordinate and match local needs with student volunteers.


・Organizer: Iwate Student Volunteer Network ・Support: Iwate Prefecture
Mail: iwate.stu.vol(a)gmail.com (Please replace (a) with @ when sending an email)

Holding period 2022/12/26
Open time Opening 12:30

Start 13:00~15:30
Venue Iwate Citizens Information Exchange Center Aina 6F Group Activity Room 2 and 3
Address 1-7-1 Morioka Station Nishidori, Morioka City
Parking Yes (charged)
Price free
Contact Inquiries Secretariat of “Youth x NPO Matching Exchange Meeting” (person in charge: Kawahara)

TEL: 080-6010-3314

Mail: iwate.stu.vol(a)gmail.com (Please replace (a) with @ when sending an email)


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