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7/9 (Sat) Night, ZOO Ⅿ held "Buddhist version" Two ways to cut fate ""

  2022/7/9~2022/7/9 online   270 Views

★ Course theme

Buddhist version "Two ways to cut fate

Shaka-sama, if fate is not given,
It's not fixed,
It is taught that there are two ways to cut fate.
Whether you know it or not, your destiny will change dramatically.
Please listen.

◇ 7/9 (Sat) 20: 00-20: 40
(Professor Masayuki Kojima) ZOOM held * We will answer questions after the lecture ☺️

◆ How to participate ◆

It will be held at ZOOM.

Please apply using the form below.


◆ Impressions of participants ◆

・ I knew the name Shaka-sama, but
Who and what were you taught?
I was ashamed to say that I didn't understand at all.
I would like to use this as a good opportunity to learn from now on.
(Woman in her 50s)

・ I was surprised to hear the spirit of mercy preached in Buddhism.
Thank you for your valuable study opportunity.
(Male in his 60s)

◆ Participation fee ◆
Nothing in particular.

◆ Lecturer Profile ◆

Professor Masayuki Kojima (Buddhist instructor)

Born in Saitama prefecture. It has been 11 years since I became a Buddhist teacher.
We hold more than 300 lectures a year in various parts of Hokkaido and Tohoku.
The motto is "easy to understand even for first-time users".
Delivered a YouTube video "Michinoku Buddhist Instructor" where you can learn Buddhism on the Internet.

Holding period 2022/7/9~2022/7/9
Open time Start 20:00

End 20:40
Venue online
Address none
Price free
Contact Komatsu m.komatsu2@gmail.com


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