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Men also shine only one

Bring out your confidence ✨ ✨

[Abundance Marche Iwate May ]


Nail that doesn't hurt , Do not use off agent

Introducing fill-in that does not hurt your nails


Recommended for those who are vulnerable to pain

Nail school Aya

If you are new now, you must make an early reservation

Because nail school is very popular

I can't make a reservation

The secret of its popularity is design

Goddess of each person

A polite nail that brings out the charm

Even the same person has never seen the same design ⁉️

Infinite design ✨ ✨

For those who want to save time like me

Mottainai design nail salon

At the big roof event on 5/17 and 21 ( Sat )

In collaboration with Atelier Kimmy

I want men to enjoy it too!

For business owners and fashionable sales people

Nail care that has become commonplace

So that all the students can enjoy it

With nails and fake tattoos

It makes you want to show your original physical beauty

With a design that creates a wild lady

I want you to enjoy the popular period ❣️

* Fake tattoos will disappear in 2 weeks.

* Black nails and, of course, colors are also recommended.

For those who have difficulty at work, just taking care of them will give you a feeling of cleanliness.

Receive the abundance that is already there ✨ ✨

[Abundance Marche Iwate May ]

Big roof with a spectacular view of Mt. Iwate

Held at Fureai Square in front of the venue reception

We will open a store in Abundance Marche ❣️

At the same time, in small conference room 2

Your self-confidence brings the highest affluence

The oldest royal studies adept program ®️

We will hold it!

Metaphysics to deepen understanding of this material world

No life options or information

In a local city where time has stopped

The trouble is not ignorance.

Without knowing what you don't know

It's about ending your physical life.

Leading to a dimension that cannot be reached by oneself

In alchemy and metaphysics that raise the vibration

Navigate to a future beyond your expectations!

Jealousy, jealousy, delaying your success

Protect yourself from negative emotions and evil

We have various levels of tools!

Adept Program ® ️ Schedule

Morioka City Saien

4/19/20 ( Tuesday ) 10 ~ 16 o'clock

4/23/24 ( Sat and Sunday ) 10 to 16 o'clock

Big Roof Takizawa ( Small Meeting Room 2)

5/1718 ( Tuesday ) 10 ~ 16 o'clock

5/2122 ( Sat and Sunday ) 10 to 16 o'clock

[Abundance Marche]

Abundance is abundance …

The richness you need now is already there

The happiness and beauty that already exists

Let's remember ❣️

Work for affluence and want more

Mankind that repeats an unfulfilled life

It's not an organization or society, other people's affairs

I am also awake at home level.


Unconsciously seek money and power

A weak and strong way of life, if you get it

You can even control love! You can meet everything!

Most believe in the illusion

That belief deified a first-class university and a first-class company

And modern children seek stability

I started to aim for a civil servant.

Based on anxiety / worry / fear

Not rich!

A way of life that presupposes the lack of oneself

Living a false self really fills my heart

Will it bring hope?・ ・ ・

We already have

All the abundance you need is there.

Childhood environment, school education, etc.

Because wrong information was established during the growth process

Unconsciously, living on the premise of being lacking

Or on the premise of getting more substance and power

Believe in the illusion of money and power

Selected in search of material abundance

As the ruler, live a weak and strong diet

As the ruled side, do only what you are told

Unconsciously giving up or robbing love

Mankind who repeats a poor way of life

In any case, if you live on the material axis

You will never be satisfied from the bottom of your heart.

Some of you may have already noticed.

Even if you aim for wealth and power, you are on the top

Power games are endless.

That's why you need to know that your heart is exhausted

It is metaphysics to know it.

The secret of abundance that has been passed down since ancient times

It finds joy in life

To give that joy to others


When you find joy in your life and become rich from the bottom of your heart

Compassion, sharing, helping each other

In other words, let go of the attachment that you are afraid to lose

By receiving true freedom

You will not be afraid of any disasters or trials.

Spirituality lost as civilization develops

Mental immature leaders

It ’s a warning that symbolizes the times.

Even parents and children are exhausted

Communication becomes one-sided

We tend to ignore each other's feelings.


Open up the possibilities you originally have

Receive the abundance you already have!

Leading to a dimension that cannot be reached by oneself

Alchemy that creates more than expected

Awakened friends who are already aware

Bring out the inner beauty

It will bring you the awareness you need!

Please come to the venue (^^) Admission is free.

Date and time

5/17/18 ( Tuesday ) 10-17 : 30 _

5/2122 ( Sat and Sunday ) 10 to 17:30


Held at the Fureai Square in front of the reception

Shimoukai, Takizawa City * Free parking

Experience menu

Inner abundance, opening up unknown possibilities

DNA Activation ® ️

Event experience price 20 minutes 3500 yen ~

[Price 60 minutes 15,000 yen * With wave water]

* Correct ignorance, alchemy that enhances vibration

It is a modality based on metaphysics.


Self-discovery journey conductor

Light a cave where you can't see the exit

MIYUKI , the guide to the path of heart and light


I started a business from a housewife's self-nail

Nail school owner Aya


Store owner

Olarist Naomi-san

Astrology, Oracle & Tarot Reading

Digital creator


Akita Healing Salon Ain Soph Aur


Opened on May 17th and 21st

Only one tattoo recommended for men

For those who want to enjoy design and fashion

Atelier Kimmy

Jagua tattoo one point 1000 yen ~


A future beyond expectations, a path of enlightenment that causes miracles

Continue to transcend self Alchemy and metaphysics

[Adept Program ® ️ Oldest Emperor Studies]


More success than expected, never experienced before

Are you keeping away from demonstrating your talent?


Unconsciously giving up

Remain on the axis of others to compare with others

Are you trying to end your life?・ ・ ・

Life is all up to you! !! !!


Transcend yourself and exceed your expectations

Alchemical path shifting to unknown territory

Life-changing power of all humankind

In an era of chaos

Where should I go?・ ・ ・

What to believe …

Have you lost sight of yourself?・ ・ ・

Some people are working hard and living

Some are greedily pursuing wealth and power

The oldest royal school that can pursue the best life

More than 95% potential still asleep

Alchemy and metaphysics to awaken the unknown

You, the creator, who is the protagonist of life

If you wish from the bottom of your heart, it will spring up from your soul ❤️‍ Passion

It's like losing words ! ️ More than expected every day

You can continue to create!


Therefore, first receive the correct information

The wrong thing that was rubbed in during the growth process

Let's correct the self-image!

An era in which school refusal and withdrawal are increasing

Children who are mirrors of adults


A new generation of adults who are physically and mentally ill

The horn that emanates from society, the SOS of the heart


Even if the substance is filled

If love isn't satisfied

A generation that withdraws into their own world


Comic books, books, games, internet, etc.

In communication that tends to be self-contained

A new generation who confirms love while protecting themselves

Some people are adapting to society and becoming a reality

Delicate types that are not good at communication

A way of life that is inside you

Let's realize the big dream!

Even if you don't have an adult to be a model in your life

Even if there is no adult who affirms you as it is

It's okay to believe in the discomfort you're feeling now!

Because the ideal life blueprint is

Because it's already in your heart ❣️

With that feeling as a certain conviction

Integrate mind and body to receive more

The power to think and the power of thinking that many human beings are degenerating

Let's awaken the intuition of the right brain (^^)

Of the brain that I have only experienced so far

Even if you select and act with only a little information

Only the foreseeable future will continue

Have more exciting and hopeful days

Create the best life!

To the path of enlightenment to "know yourself"

I will navigate!

◆ Participation fee 80,000

Please transfer in advance.

Holding period 2022/5/17~2022/5/18
Open time Opening at 9:00

Start 10~17:30
Another schedule 5/21 and 22, 10-17:30
Venue Big roof

Fureai Square
Address Takizawa City Shimoukai
Parking free
Access There is a bus
Price Free admission, 20 minutes from 3500 yen
Contact Leading to a dimension that cannot be reached by oneself

Light Center NEFER (national business trip possible)
HP Click here for official website and other related sites

※Event information is subject to change. Please see the official website for details.


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