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Held at Zoom! "Iwate Online Farming Consultation"

  2021/12/4~2021/12/4 online   965 Views
■ We will hold an online event for those who are interested in agriculture in Iwate prefecture and who want to be involved in agriculture in Iwate prefecture to get a deeper understanding of Iwate prefecture agriculture.

■ On the day of the event, while relaying to the fields of senior farmers, we will take a closer look at the reasons for starting farming and the true feelings of starting farming. We also have time for individual consultation, so please join us!

■ Date and time Saturday, December 4, 3rd year 13: 30-16: 30

■ Application
Participation on the day is possible, but if you would like individual consultation, please make a reservation in advance.

■ Free of charge

■ Contents ① About agriculture in Iwate Prefecture ・ Introduction of Iwate agriculture and agricultural experience training that can be understood in 5 minutes ② Let's take a look at senior farmers ~ U-turn & employment farming ~
③ Let's take a look at senior farmers-a village farming corporation that protects the area-
④ Ask a senior farmer! Agricultural real ⑤ Individual consultation

Holding period 2021/12/4~2021/12/4
Open time 13:30~16:30
Venue Online (Zoom) * A dedicated page will be released soon
Address Online (Zoom) * A dedicated page will be released soon
Price free
Contact Iwate Prefectural Agricultural Corporation Farming Support Department

TEL 019-623-9390

E-mail ninaite@i-agri.or.jp
HP Click here for official website and other related sites

※Event information is subject to change. Please see the official website for details.


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