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"Hachijuku" workshop in Iwate

  2021/9/5~2021/9/5 Kitakami Michinoku Folk Village   1,051 Views
We have decided to cancel.

"Hachijuku" Seminar & Workshop for Creating Homes for Insects
@ Kitakami City Michinoku Folk Village


It's a "bee inn" like this!
In other prefectures, TV coverage of this workshop has also come!

<Date and time>
Sunday, September 5, 2021
am 9: 30-12: 00 (2.5h)

The bees and wasps that are indispensable to our lives. I used to live on thatched roofs! Come to a folk village with many old folk houses! Let's make a house for insects = a bee inn (Yado) using the plant Yoshi that grows on the riverside. There are about 60 types of bees in Japan that come to the bee inn. Flower bees, hunting bees, and parasitoid wasps that eat nectar and pollen in spring, summer, and autumn come to lay their eggs. Bees, potter wasps, bees, bees, and so on. These bees are also very active in orchards such as apple orchards! Observe what kind of insects you have in your area and increase the number of insects in your area! Isn't the bee dangerous? Unlike insects that live in groups like honeybees, insects that live alone are docile and rarely sting unless humans grab them. Poison is also attenuated. There are many bees too! In fact, everyone's haters, cockroaches, wasps, mice and bats, are helping to pollinate! Everyone has a role! Experience the wonderful natural world! Recommended for children over elementary school and parents and children. Of course, junior high school and high school students too! Insects that you buy and raise are good, but this one is also interesting. Let's make a house for wild insects and observe the insects that come to visit! Just hang a bee inn near your house and the number of bees in the area will increase. Even children can enjoy nature regeneration activities while observing. Ecosystems and biodiversity … If the behavior that actually increases without difficult knowledge becomes a daily routine for children ♪

14-62-3 Tachibana, Kitakami City, Iwate Prefecture
Michinoku Folk Village

<Participation target>
For children, adults and students * Anyone who is interested can participate regardless of the area or age of residence.
* Participation of elementary school students and younger must be accompanied by an adult.

Recommended for children over elementary school and parents and children. Of course, junior high school and high school students too!

<Participation fee>
General (junior high school students and above) 2,000 yen Elementary school students and younger 1,500 yen Free for preschoolers

Participation application form

Application deadline
Monday, August 23, 2021

Be Forest Iwate Takako Sato
mail takako.nigami@gmail.com
tel 090-6235-4757

For adults and students ↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓
Japanese Bee Study Group Be Forest Seminar in Iwate <Day 1>

For children and students ↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓
Let's make a house for insects! Hachijuku Workshop in Iwate <Day 2>

Insects are decreasing worldwide now. Even in this nature-rich Iwate. What kind of impact does the existence of wild insects = pollinators, who carry pollen and cut off, such as Japanese bees, affect our lives, health, agriculture, and economy?
Be Forest Club is an NPO that is seriously trying to increase the number of wild insects and create a world where insects are protected by law. Currently, we are active in Kumamoto in the south and Iwate in the north, and we are aiming to further expand the area of activity. The purpose is to create a harmonious society without exclusion, discrimination, and conflict by regenerating people's connections through activities to protect and regenerate insects and the natural environment.
This year, Iwate will also invite Uncle Bees to hold a two-day study session and workshop. Let's learn together for adults and children! We will learn specific techniques that individuals, communities, businesses, schools, etc. can work on, how to protect the natural environment, people's health, and local agriculture.
Is it possible to create a rich forest by planting trees? Will the crops in the field grow if I plant vegetable seeds? No, you can't do that without wild pollinators, including Japanese bees. Even cotton clothing. Wild insects support food, clothing and shelter. Timber did not enter Japan during the corona period, and new houses are no longer being built. Whether or not agriculture can be continued in the area and whether or not people can enjoy food, art, fashion, and camping in the future all depend on the forestation and insects in the area.
The idea of SDGs and the circular economy only makes nature last longer, isn't it actually increasing? This summer school where you can learn how to increase nature. How can I increase the number of insects? Why don't you become a person who knows nature and gives it to nature (Giver) as well as always using nature? Bee Forest is an activity in which people and bees work together to create a forest. Let's review the surrounding scenery and economy with the ruler of insects = pollinators (pollinators) instead of the measure of humans. Then you can clearly see what you can do now. First, learn what's happening, who you should protect, and what kind of insects you should protect!

Be Forest Activities
You cannot create a forest just by planting trees. Now, the number of insects and pollinators is decreasing. If they are gone, the forest will be gone and agriculture will not be possible. For wild Japanese honeybees that can't live in modern life, nest boxes have been set up all over Japan to increase the pollination rate of plants to increase the productivity of agricultural products in the area and to protect natural forests. We are working to encourage regeneration. If you become a member, you can get a birdhouse with a birdhouse subsidy. Anyone can set up a birdhouse while receiving support through seminars and training participation.

▼ Video that gives an overview
Be Forest MAP
We will report the nesting of Japanese honeybee hives and map the health of insects and forests on a map of Japan. We will work together to create a world where nature is protected by law. Now, its activities are spreading all over Japan, with Kumamoto in the south and Iwate in the north. In Nara Prefecture, the base of this activity, we have begun investigating insects by injecting taxes. Iwate will also cooperate to create a map.
Be Forest Iwate
It was launched in the summer of 2020 with the hope that future children will be able to live with nature on their side so that agriculture can continue permanently in this beautiful northern land of Iwate. Japanese honeybees are connected to the forest and everything. Wouldn't we Iwate people be led by Japanese honeybees and connect loosely? Let's work together to create the scenery of Iwate.
♪ Anyone can enter ♪
facebook group
Click here for details and membership of Be Forest Club
Be Forest Club "I'll give you a birdhouse!" What is a birdhouse grant? There are various reasons for doing complicated things such as study sessions, applications and registrations. Please actually ask in the field.
▼ About birdhouse subsidy
▼ Application for membership of individual regular members
▼ Birdhouse subsidy application
https: //docs.google.com /…/1FAIpQLScbEPjwlVT … / viewform …
Holding period 2021/9/5~2021/9/5
Open time 9:30〜12:00
Venue Michinoku Folk Village
Address 14-62-3 Tachibana, Kitakami City, Iwate Prefecture
Parking Free parking available (If the car is full, please park at the Tenshochi restaurant.)
Price General (junior high school students and above) 2,000 yen

Elementary school students and younger 1,500 yen

Free for preschoolers
Contact ----------------------------------------

Participation application form


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