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[Online] Iwate "Cinema" Tetsugaku Cafe [Evangelion] [: Destruction]

  2021/7/2 online   1,069 Views

* For those who are considering participating

For "Enjoy Iwate", the day before the event

I'm sorry that it became up, but

You can also apply online as follows

Because there is

We would appreciate it if you could consider participating.

Organizer: Iwate Philosophy Cafe

* This [: Break] is "held online (by Zoom)" .

See below for details.

* See the bottom of this page for how to apply

For those who have no experience with "Tetsugaku Cafe", the explanation is ⬇️


The outline of the event is as follows.

■ Date: 2021/7/02 (Friday ) 19: 00-21: 00

■ How to hold: Online (at Zoom)

* After applying, send an email, etc.

We will send you the Zoom meeting URL.

■ Participation fee: Total amount of "1,2" below

1, "1 order charge" at "-Coffee / Pottery-Watanabe"

2, Participation fee for "Tetsugaku Cafe" 200 yen

* "1 order" is for takeout at the store

"Hot coffee 400 yen" etc.

About menu and ordering method

For details, please refer to the "How to apply" below.

■ Capacity : 7 people (first-come-first-served basis)

■ Movie (or animation) as the subject: " Evangelion "

■ Participation conditions:

1) If you know "Eva " to some extent, "OK"

For example, I watched "TV series'only'" (DVD is also possible),

Alternatively, those who have watched "New Theatrical Version'Only'" can also participate.

However, please note that we will have a "spoiler" dialogue.

(It is not necessary to have a complete understanding or complete memory of "Eva".)

cf. Work introduction <Shin Evangelion Movie version> | Forum Morioka / Art Forum (forum-movie.net)

2) Those who live in Tohoku

■ How to apply

This time, I would like to ask Mr. "-Coffee / Utsuwa-Watanabe".

Specifically, please apply by the method of "one of the following two".

[1] Apply for "Directly to the clerk" of "-Coffee / Pottery-Watanabe"

[2] Apply for "-Coffee / Pottery-Watanabe" from the "Web page"

Details are as follows ☟

[1] Apply for "Directly to the clerk" of "-Coffee / Pottery-Watanabe",

in the case of

a) "Store"

To the clerk

Please tell us that you would like to participate in the Tetsugaku Cafe.

(* After that, give the clerk an "application form" like the image below.

We ask those who wish to participate to present it ☟)


(* 1) If you wish to "take out" at the "store"

If you call the shop in advance, we will hear that the offer will be smooth.

The phone number is "019-654-6135".

(* 2) The menu is as follows.

■ □ ■ "Coffee / Utsuwa Watanabe"'s menu ■ □ ■

・ Various types of home-roasted coffee beans ¥ 500- / 100g

・ Store: Coffee ¥ 500 ~

Sweets ¥ 300 ~

Take-out coffee ¥ 400 ~

・ Yoichi booth: Coffee ¥ 250 ~

・ Recommended: Original Blend Enju ¥ 550

Gateau chocolate ¥ 450

* From the shop

"I'm brewing home-roasted beans with nel drip."

I heard.

In addition, "the store serves coffee with handmade pottery."
Sweets are also handmade.

* At a later date, we will post articles about shops and coffee on this blog.

* For details on the menu, please see

Please check "To the above phone number".

* For inquiries regarding "event details", please contact us.

Please send to the email below ☟

nbsi178cas21 * gmail.com (Please send * instead of @)

[2] Apply for "-Coffee / Pottery-Watanabe" from the "Web page"

Please apply "with coffee bean order" from the following page ☟


For details, please check from the official blog below ☟

2021/7/2 (Fri) Iwate "Cinema" Philosophy Cafe [Break] "Evangelion" –Tetsugaku Cafe in MORIOKA (hatenablog.com)

Holding period 2021/7/2
Open time * The Zoom meeting URL will be sent to those who have applied.

Available time to enter Zoom: 18:45

"Tetsugaku Cafe" Start time: 19:00

"Tetsugaku Cafe" End time: 21:00
Venue Held online

Address As above
Price ■ Participation fee: Total amount of "1,2" below

1, "1 order charge" at "-Coffee / Pottery-Watanabe"

2, Participation fee for "Tetsugaku Cafe" 200 yen

* "1 order" is for takeout at the store

"Hot coffee 400 yen" etc.
Contact nbsi178cas * gmail.com

(Sorry for your inconvenience, but please send * instead of @)
HP Click here for official website and other related sites

※Event information is subject to change. Please see the official website for details.


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