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"Hanamaki Town de SDGs" -Community Thinking of High School Students-

  2021/7/24 Hanamaki   524 Views

"Hanamaki Town de SDGs"
~ Community to think of high school students ~

"SDGs de Regional Revitalization" is a card game that allows all participants to think about how to realize regional revitalization through "dialogue" and "collaboration" by utilizing the idea of SDGs for regional revitalization.
For a sustainable city in Hanamaki, high school students and working people will experience card games together and talk about Hanamaki in the future as a stakeholder of the city.
SDGs de regional revitalization
Contents ・ "SDGs de Regional Revitalization" card game ・ Hanamaki Junior Chamber case study ・ Workshop capacity: 30 people (15 high school students, 15 working people)
Free participation
Application form

Holding period 2021/7/24
Open time 13:00~17:00
Venue Yabuya Sohonten
Address 7-17 Fupparicho, Hanamaki City
Price Free participation

15 high school students

15 members of society
Contact [Application / Inquiry]

Child-rearing support project Katari Bar Tokutoshi Akazawa (Akazawa Co., Ltd.)

Tel: 019-658-8001

Mail: akanori@akazawago.com
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