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6/26 (Sat) Night, ZOO Ⅿ held "What is the law of the universe revealed by Buddha"

  2021/6/26 online   970 Views
◇ 6/26 (Sat) 20: 00-20: 40
(Professor Masayuki Kojima) ZOOM held * We will answer questions after the lecture ☺️

◆ How to participate ◆
It will be held at ZOOM.

If you would like to participate, please contact us by email.

We will send you the ZOOM address in reply.

The law of the universe revealed by Buddha.
2600 years ago, Buddha revealed the truth of the universe.

The law of the universe that anyone can be happy with is a must-see course.

◆ Impressions of participants ◆

・ I felt that the truth of the universe was simple but deep.
(Woman in her 50s)

・ It was a teaching 2600 years ago, but I was surprised at the deep content that is similar to the time of Reiwa. I will tell you again.
(Male in his 50s)

◆ Participation fee ◆
Nothing in particular.

◆ Lecturer Profile ◆
Professor Masayuki Kojima (Buddhist instructor)
Born in Saitama prefecture. It has been 10 years since I became a Buddhist teacher. Lectures are held about 300 times a year in various parts of Hokkaido and Tohoku.
The motto is "easy to understand even for first-time users". I hope that Buddhist teachings will help you to answer your life's questions and ease your mind. My hobbies are tennis and reading
Holding period 2021/6/26
Open time Opening 19:55

Start at 20:00
Venue online
Address online
Price free
Contact Komatsu, 08043873378, m.komatsu2@gmail.com


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