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Fureai Summer Experience

  2021/7/22~2021/8/9 Morioka City   1,019 Views

Riddle land exploration

July 22 (Thursday), July 23 (Friday), August 6 (Friday), August 7 (Saturday) 10: 00-15: 00

Explore the Fureai Land building while solving riddles and quizzes.
Please apply to the general reception on the day. There is no membership fee. There is a participation prize.

Sports recreation [Flying disc]

Sunday, July 25, 13: 00 ~ 14: 30

Make a flying disc. (You can apply on the day, apply at the sports reception)
Venue: Fureai Land Iwate Athletics Stadium or Gymnasium Participation fee: Students 60 yen, general 110 yen, free for infants, people with disabilities, and the elderly What to bring: Easy-to-exercise clothes, towels, inner shoes

What is a flying disc?

It is a plastic disc-shaped disc, and is also commonly referred to as Frisbee (a registered trademark of Wamuo, USA).
Japan Flying Disc Association Event Introduction https://www.jfda.or.jp/introduction/

Parasports experience [Boccia]

Monday, August 9th 13: 00 ~ 15: 00

Experience boccia. (You can apply on the day)
Venue: Fureai Land Iwate Fureai Hall Participation fee: Free What to bring: Easy-to-exercise clothes and towels

What is Boccia?

A sport designed for people with severe cerebral palsy or similar severe limb dysfunction born in Europe, it is a formal Paralympic event.
You can throw 6 red and 6 blue balls, roll them, or hit other balls against a white ball called a jack ball (target ball) to compete for how close you can get. Even if you cannot throw the ball due to an obstacle, you can participate if you can use the slope tool (ramp) and convey your intention to the caregiver. The competition is divided into classes that do not distinguish between men and women, and there are individual competitions and team competitions (2v2 pair competitions and 3v3 team competitions).
Japan Boccia Association https://japan-boccia.com/

Let's make a colorful drink

July 25th (Sun) and August 9th (Mon) 13: 00 ~ 15: 30

Let's make colorful drinks yourself! (Application on the day is possible, apply at the general reception)
Venue: Fureai Land Iwate 2nd floor Cooking training room Participation fee: 100-200 yen (material fee)

Contact: Fureai Land Iwate Management Guidance Group Tel.019-637-7444 Fax.019-637-7544

Holding period 2021/7/22~2021/8/9
Open time Riddle Land Exploration 7/22/7/23/8/6/8/7 10: 00 ~ 15: 00

Sports recreation 7/25 13: 00 ~ 14: 30

Parasports experience 8/9 13: 00 ~ 15: 00

Let's make colorful drinks 7/25/8/9 13: 00 ~ 15: 30

Venue Fureai Land Iwate
Address 8-1-3 Sanbonyanagi, Morioka-shi
Parking free
Price Riddle Land Exploration Free

Sports recreation student 60 yen, general 110 yen, free for infants, people with disabilities and the elderly

Parasports experience free

Let's make a colorful drink 100-200 yen (material fee)
Contact Fureai Land Iwate Management Guidance Group Tel.019-637-7444 Fax.019-637-7544
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※Event information is subject to change. Please see the official website for details.


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