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May 8th (Sat) Iwate Employment Matching Fair III

  2021/5/8~2021/5/8 Takizawa City Iwate Industrial Culture Center Apio   913 Views

The "Iwate Employment Matching Fair III" will be held for all students and members of society who are looking to find employment in Iwate Prefecture.

<Date and time>
Saturday, May 8th, 3rd year of Reiwa 13: 00-16: 00
[Participant reception 12: 00-15: 30]

Iwate Industrial Culture Center Apio (Takizawa City, Iwate Prefecture)

○ Company explanations and interviews by companies in the prefecture ○ Providing employment information in the prefecture and consultation on migration / settlement by related organizations ○ Recruitment of staff by municipalities, measures related to migration / settlement, provision of information on companies in the jurisdiction ○ Iwate / Akita career development support Co-sponsored [Self-discovery seminar] by the center

○ 129 companies that have offices in Iwate prefecture and have full-time job vacancies ○ Affiliated organizations ○ Iwate prefecture and municipalities

<Participation target>
Job seekers (students, working people, etc.) living inside and outside the prefecture aiming to find employment in Iwate Prefecture and their families

* Because it is necessary to know the number of participants in advance in order to properly take measures against the new coronavirus, advance reservations are required.
We will start accepting reservations from the beginning of April. In addition, "user registration" (free of charge) on the Foundation website is required for advance reservations.
If you have not registered yet, please complete the registration procedure from our website.

[Furusato Iwate Settlement Foundation] https://www.furusato-i.or.jp/events/event/7033

<Preventive measures against new coronavirus infection>
○ Please refrain from participating in the following cases.
・ Cold symptoms such as fever ・ Some family members living together have the new coronavirus ・ Plan to travel abroad within 2 weeks before the event ○ Temperature measurement by thermography etc. when visiting Please cooperate with hand disinfection with alcohol and wearing a mask.
As a result of temperature measurement, if the body temperature is 37.5 degrees or higher, admission will be refused.
○ Face shields will be distributed at the reception, so please wear them when you have an interview with a company.
○ In case of an infected person, the names and contact information of visitors will be listed by the Foundation and submitted to the Iwate Industrial Culture Center Apio, which will be the venue.
○ The event may be canceled depending on the spread of infection.

<About job hunting transportation expenses support>
Participants from outside the prefecture have a system to support transportation expenses.

[Payment amount] Tohoku area (excluding Iwate prefecture) Residents 5,000 yen Residents outside the Tohoku area 10,000 yen [Procedure] Register as a user on the Furusato Iwate Settlement Foundation website.
Please fill in the required items on the "Job Hunting Transportation Expense Support Application Form" obtained from the website and apply by mail or email.
[Payment limit] The limit is twice per person within the year.

□ No resume required, free clothing □ No entry fee □ Those who are currently receiving employment insurance are certified as job hunting activities.

<Main event> (Public interest incorporated foundation) Furusato Iwate Settlement Foundation

<Co-sponsored> Iwate Prefecture Iwate Prefecture Small and Medium Business Group Central Association

<Support> Iwate Labor Bureau Iwate Work Promotion Council

Holding period 2021/5/8~2021/5/8
Open time Opening 12:00

Start at 13:00
Venue Iwate Industrial Culture Center Apio (Takizawa City, Iwate Prefecture)
Address 389-20 Sunakomi, Takizawa
Parking Yes
Contact Furusato Iwate Settlement Foundation

TEL: 019-653-8976 FAX: 019-654-2017 MAIL: iwateiju@furusato-i.or.jp
HP Click here for official website and other related sites

※Event information is subject to change. Please see the official website for details.


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