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[Tsuko no Atelier] Art Workshop held on Sunday-Playing with the three primary colors-

  2021/5/2 Kitakami Sakura Hall   13 Views

Held on Sunday, May 2, 2021

~ Play with three primary colors ~ Art workshop

Play with red, blue and yellow (white / black) paints.

When I mixed that and this, I got this color!

Children are delighted with the discovery that they can make colors.

Can you make your favorite color?

I'm preparing a large piece of paper.

Enjoy the colors of the paint with a brush and with your hands.

[Effect of play] While playing, you will notice the fun of mixing colors. You can radiate your feelings and feel open.

● Target: 3-9 children

● Things to use: Watercolor paints, brushes, paper, etc.

● What to bring: Towels after hand washing, change clothes if necessary

* Please come in a style that does not bother you with dirt.

* There is also "If you get tired of it, it's over".

* Please take measures to prevent infection such as masks.

Holding period 2021/5/2
Open time ①09:30-10:30 (Parent-child 6 groups level)

②11:00-12:00 (Parent-child 6 groups level)
Venue Kitakami City Cultural Exchange Center Sakura Hall

2nd floor, small atelier
Address 2-1-1 Sakuradori, Kitakami City
Parking Yes (free)
Price 500 yen per child (free for children under 3 years old)
Contact There are two ways to apply

① LINE (You can register LINE from the homepage)

② Email form from the homepage

Click here for other inquiries

Atelier of Tatsuko (Yoshiko Shimada)


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※Event information is subject to change. Please see the official website for details.


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