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Beginner sign language class

  2021/9/21~2021/10/19 Morioka City   194 Views

Since the transfer of the "Beginner Sign Language Class" has started from May 25, we will only be recruiting if there is a vacancy.

Those who are learning sign language for the first time and who can participate 5 times in principle are eligible.

If you are interested in volunteer activities, have the opportunity to interact with various people at work, or are interested in sign language, please join us as an opportunity to start learning sign language.

Application : Fureai Land Iwate Management Guidance Group Tel.019-637-7444 Fax.019-637-7544

How to apply : Please let us know your name, phone number, address, disability, age, etc. by phone, fax, visit, or mail.

Dates: 9 / 21,9 / 28,10 / 5,10 / 12,10 / 19 (all 5 times Tuesday 18:30 to 20:00)

What to bring : Writing utensils, text fee (first time only), text (second time and later), face shield

Capacity : 8 people

* If you or your family members have a cold, or if you are a close contact, please cancel or absent.
* When visiting the museum, please measure the temperature with the thermography camera at the front entrance. If the temperature is 37.5 degrees or higher, you will be asked to leave the building.
* In the classroom, you will need to remove the mask and wear a face shield. (While the mask is removed, aloud conversation is prohibited.)
* It may be canceled due to the influence of the new coronavirus. (In that case, we will contact you by phone.)

Holding period 2021/9/21~2021/10/19
Open time 18:30~20:00
Venue Fureai Land Iwate 2nd Floor 3rd Training Room
Address 8-1-3 Sanbonyanagi, Morioka-shi
Parking free
Price It's free, but you will be charged about 1000 yen for the textbook.
Contact Fureai Land Iwate Management Guidance Group Tel.019-637-7444 Fax.019-637-7544
HP Click here for official website and other related sites

※Event information is subject to change. Please see the official website for details.


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