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Listening course that can be used immediately "Hone your listening power" 4th

  2021/4/25 Yahaba Town   1,214 Views

[Full] "Listen" is to snuggle up "Listen" to increase your reliability!

Learn the basics of listening that is useful online!

How carefully do you listen to the stories around you?

We are very interested in speaking.

There are many lectures on how to speak and presentations, and it is essential to speak, especially in business situations.

Similarly, "listening" is very helpful for better communication.

Nowadays, people's anxiety is increasing due to lack of communication due to various changes in the environment.

In such a social situation, we are seeking connections with people who are "psychologically safe."

In this course, you will learn the importance and technique of "listening", which is one of the communication to build a relationship of trust.

You will acquire listening skills that can be used in both "face-to-face" and "telework".

What is the effect of "listening" well?

What can we get by listening?

Also, not only "how to listen" but also "wording" to the other party

What kind of impact will it have?

Currently online

This is an opportunity to learn "listening" while experiencing the real thing, mainly in practical training.

Would you like to improve your "listening power" together?

What is the effect of "listening"?

  • You can build a relationship of trust
  • Can help others
  • Increases empathy that is close to people's hearts
  • Improves communication skills
  • Makes it easier to solve difficult relationships
  • You can listen to a lot of information and the true intentions of the other party

Enhancing communication in an online environment

For colleagues and subordinates at work, for couples and children at home

To build better relationships with people close to you

"Listening" is useful

  • For online communication such as telework
  • For those who are involved in work related to people (educational staff, support staff)
  • To improve relationships with subordinates
  • It ’s an essential skill for management.
  • You can face your child well
  • Helps restore marital relationships
  • You will be able to communicate with people who are not good at it

◆ Impressions of taking the listening course "Hone the power of listening"

● I thought it was important to communicate by speaking, but I realized that my listening ability increased my understanding and trust in the other person, and that I could communicate better. From now on, I would like to keep listening to it with a little consciousness. Thank you very much.

It is very helpful and practical today, so I will go home and try it. I was talking to the neighbor, but I wasn't frustrated when I was Anger, so I got the image that it would get better again. The atmosphere was very nice and it was an instant time. Thank you very much.

● Great listening ability. I was able to understand the need to listen and interact with each other while keeping pace with the other party. I would like to use it not only for my family but also as a communication tool.

"Listen" is to snuggle up "Listen" to increase your reliability!

Learn the basics of listening that is useful online!

"Hone your listening skills"

Sunday, April 25, 13 : 10-16: 50

Meeting place Yahaba Town Activity Exchange Center Yaha Park

Lecturer PHP Institute Certified Business Coach Miwako Iwaizumi

Textbook fee, training participation fee 4000 yen (tax included)

Capacity * It is full. If you would like to attend, please feel free to contact us.

Lecturer Miwako Iwaizumi PHP Institute Certified Business Coach

About measures to prevent the spread of infection in our training and lectures

* We will send you information about the application details and tuition fees to the email address you entered when you applied. Therefore, please make settings so that our address can be received.

* Please refrain from participation by those who are currently working as human resources consultants, training instructors, counselors, those who are planning to work in the future, or those in the same industry.

Holding period 2021/4/25
Open time 13:10~16:50
Venue Yahaba Town Activity Exchange Center Yaha Park
Address 1-12-1, Ekihigashi, Yahaba-cho, Shiwa-gun
Parking Yes (free)
Price 4,000 yen (textbook fee, training participation fee, tax included)
Contact office.m.smile@gmail.com Iwaizumi
HP Click here for official website and other related sites

※Event information is subject to change. Please see the official website for details.


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