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Kitakami City Sakura Hall "Nigiwai Festival"

  2020/11/3~2020/11/3 Kitakami Sakura Hall   1,407 Views

From morning till night, the free space "Sakura Park" in Sakura Hall will be a lively day. With music, art, design, movies, and exercise, move your body and mind moderately. Let's enjoy while keeping a reasonable distance in the open space inside and outside the hall. There is also a delicious food shop with a kitchen car. Sakura Hall is a facility where you can walk inside and outside like walking in a town. Think of the hall as a "town" and walk around ♪

Kitakami City Sakura Hall "Nigiwai Festival"
Date: November 3, 2020 (Tuesday / holiday) Culture Day Place: 2-1-1 Sakuradori, Kitakami City, Iwate Prefecture
Tel 0197 61 3300

Free admission, parking available If you are near you, please walk!

To the visitors ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
* Canceled in case of rain or stormy weather.
* Please bring an eco bag.
* Thank you for taking measures against corona infection. Please refrain from visiting if you have a fever or are not feeling well.
* Please cooperate as we will measure the temperature before going out and will measure and disinfect at the entrance when you come to the museum.
* Please enjoy the venue avoiding crowds, close contact, and close contact.

time schedule~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
★ Opening morning 08:55 ~ Live radio exercises

★ Street Live / Exhibition / Movie Morning 09: 00 –21: 00
Time schedule ↓↓↓↓↓

★ Market area (restaurants, flea markets, crafts)
10:00 –15:00

★ Sit-down masterpiece chair exhibition + contemporary craft design exhibition
10:00 –17:00

★ Ending
21:00 Team SPP

Street Live / Exhibition Morning 09: 00-Until night

time schedule

Lives and exhibitions are held in various places. Since it is an open space, even babies and small children can enjoy art close to them.

Hana stage ~~~~~~
Location: 1F Middle Hall Foyer

・ Kitakami Muse Chorus / Singing / Piano Performance / Iitoyo Junior High School Brass Band / Brass Band Ensemble / Concert with Iwate Performers / Classic Ensemble / Bass-Manz / Contrabass Duo / Singer Songwriter Adult / Guitar Playing / Amateur Talk Master Jibushitei Kinme / Lecture, Hiroe Utsu & Shin Segawa / Jazz, Bosanova, Windless / Instrumental

Sora stage ~~~~~~
Location: Medium Hall Foyer on the 2nd floor of the building

・ Theme Park Dance ・ Kids Dance ・ Hālau hula kalehuawehe / Hula Dance ・ Hoa here iti / Tahitian Dance ・ Belly dance group SHUKR / Berry Dance ・ Hula Hana Mana Otohoku / Hula Dance ・ Kitakami Entertainment Dojo / Hula Dance ・ Kasumi Grass / Large Picture Book Reading Hula / UNIT Salada Karisome Yugi / Reading (reading drama)
・ Earth rich / HIP HOP dance ・ Esmeralda belly dance school / belly dance

Kaze stage ~~~~~~
Location: Outdoor approach deck

Performance area if the weather is nice. Performers on the indoor stage will perform freely.

Main Park ~~~~~~
Location: Atelier Terrace in the building

NPO corporation folder /
Yoga, stretching, a little rhythmic gymnastics, parent-child gymnastics, vaulting box class, physical training, chair gymnastics, training (participatory)

RFL Japan・ Kitakami / Self-walking (participatory type)

Mystery solving corner ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Location: Exploring various places in the building! There is a mystery solving corner present

Test-ride event~~~~~~
・ Sports cycle test drive event ( Kitakami Tourism Convention Association )

Art Area Morning 09: 00-21: 00
Place: Exhibition of works such as patchwork, calligraphy, and flower arrangement of local residents in Kurosawajiri 2 Ward

Market area
10:00 –15:00
Location: Outdoors (indoors in rainy weather)

◉ Handmade Craft Market Cloth accessories, accessories, miscellaneous goods, woodworking, bags, dried flowers, agricultural products, and other special handmade items are lined up.

◉ Flea market shop owners are rich in individuality such as housewives, chefs, former shop owners, and seamstresses! Lots of bargains such as clothing, accessories, used books, used tools, kitchen accessories, toys, and more!

Food area
10:00 –15:00
Location: Outdoor 1F

A fun shop will bring you delicious food ♪

Mizusaki Note (Oshu) Crepe, Coffee ▼ Kitchen Car Dressing Room (Kitakami) Ramen, Kitakami Beef Streaks Stewed, Omusoba ▼ Hachisuzume Confectionery (Shinami) Vegan Baked Confectionery, Apple Pie, Scones, Cookies ▼ Le Prezier (Kitakami) Natural Yeast bread ▼ FOOD TRUCK TOOL (Oshu) Hamburger ▼ Oasis (Kitakami) Kitakami Croquette Rainbow Cheese Hattoku ▼ Curry Da J (Hanamaki) Curry ▼ SATO (Hiraizumi) Roll cabbage, drink ▼ Sakuratei (Kitakami) Kitakami Croquette Jumbo Takoyaki ▼ Sakurato (Restaurant in Kitakami / Sakura Hall) Light meal

Art workshop
10:00 –15:00
Location: Outdoor 1F

"Caricature Workshop" by Haburi, an artist from Mongolia, China

Masterpiece chair exhibition where you can sit + modern craft design exhibition
10:00 –17:00
Location: Medium Hall Foyer on the 2nd floor of the building

"Sit-down masterpiece chair exhibition + modern craft design exhibition"

Let's sit in the world's classic vintage chair! And we will hold a contemporary craft design exhibition that will be the vintage of the future. Except for some, the chairs on display can be purchased. Photo books, art books, books on crafts, etc. are also on display, so please spend a relaxing time all day long by sitting on a chair. You can talk slowly with the artist himself. May the flowers bloom in the discussion of manufacturing.

▼ Craft Design Exhibition Exhibitor ・waranoue / Woodworking ・Nakajima Kiln / Grilled foodmää-mää homespun / Wool hand-spun hand-woven (demonstration, order reception )
Itottsuzuri Sashiko / Shonai SashikoKagocco Pepin / Walnut basket ・Fem Tre Noll / Vintage

▼ Special guest Keiji Nagai (interior designer / chair collector)
Mr. Nagai, a world-renowned design collector. You can visit a famous designer, design and make things, and hear from him who has seen and heard about himself.

Click here for details on the design exhibition ↓↓↓↓↓

Movie screening & talk show
19:00 –21: 00
Location: Medium Hall Foyer on the 2nd floor of the building

Movie 3.11 Memorial Film "One"

This work, which was created to support the reconstruction of the Great East Japan Earthquake and to stop the "weathering of memories", was first screened in Morioka on March 11, 2013, the second year after the earthquake, and then in various parts of Iwate Prefecture, Tokyo, and Kanagawa. , Chiba, Osaka, Miyagi, etc., screened in more than 40 locations. Film director Masahiko Takahashi (born 1964 in Miyako City, Iwate Prefecture) will tell the story behind the production and the current situation of the disaster area as it marks the 10th anniversary of the Great East Japan Earthquake in March next year. Participation is free. Participation and entry / exit are free for the screening in the open space.

Recruitment of Sakura Park Project Executive Committee ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
What do you want to do at the free space = "Sakura Park" in the margin of Sakura Hall held in February this year? Based on the questionnaire, "Nigiwai Fes" is a civic cultural festival event handmade by the citizens. We are looking for executive committee members from time to time. Anyone can participate regardless of age or experience. Let's make it a gathering that expresses the essential richness and diversity, not just a festival.

Contact information ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Sakura Park Project Executive Committee Email nigiwaifes@gmail.com
TEL 0197-61-3300

Event details page

Organized / Co-sponsored / Sponsored ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Agency for Cultural Affairs Japan Performing Arts Performers Association Arts Live Iwate Executive Committee
NPO Iwate Art Support Center Sakura Park Project Executive Committee

Kitakami City Cultural Creation

Kitakami City Board of Education Kitakami Tourism Convention Association

Holding period 2020/11/3~2020/11/3
Open time 08:55〜21:00
Venue Kitakami City Cultural Exchange Center Sakura Hall
Address 2-1-1 Sakuradori, Kitakami City, Iwate Prefecture
Parking Yes
Price free entrance
Contact Sakura Park Project Executive Committee

Email nigiwaifes@gmail.com

TEL 0197-61-3300
HP Click here for official website and other related sites

※Event information is subject to change. Please see the official website for details.


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