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Chicken Sonic 2024

  2024/7/14 Kunohe Village   73 Views

Chicken Sonic 2024 ~king of chicken music festival in KUNOHE.~


special guest


In 2007, Jin Terui (currently Disco Volante, PULLING TEETH), who was performing with various artists all over Japan at the time, was shocked when he saw a live performance by a blues singer from his hometown Iwate during a break in his tour. The singer was Tsukasa Yamamoto, who had just moved his base of operations from Tokyo to Iwate. The two hit it off and quickly formed "ROODY'S". In 2008, they released "Shounen" with the late Miyata as guitarist. They began performing mainly in live bars in the Kanto region and Iwate. Yamamoto's roots in blues and Terui's roots in alternative rock, which seem to be different at first glance, have fused together in a way that can be described as "heavy blues," attacking with their powerful dynamics. After Miyata's death, Takahashi, who had been a friend until then, joined the band. In 2020, they released their full-length album "Roody' I".


The members are Takano Satoshi, songwriter and vocalist/guitarist of the legendary band ZIGZO, which is celebrating its 23rd anniversary, Yoshida Toru, a highly sought-after keyboardist and composer with a huge reputation in various fields such as ZIGZO and MUCC, Kobayashi Masaru, bassist of The Cro-Magnons, who continues to play raging rock, and Terui Jin, drummer of PULLING TEETH, the one and only heavy rock band that delivers a loud sound unique to Japan. This will be Yoshida Toru's first official band, who has not only supported many famous bands in their live performances but also has demonstrated his talent as a producer.

There will also be a lineup of full bands that are exciting the local area with their high-level performances!

Food corner in the area around the stage [9:30 – 19:00]

If you want to enjoy the festival even more, drinks and food are a must!
There are plenty of local shops as well as shops you wouldn't normally see!

Obuchiki Marche in the Gateball Court [9:30 to 15:30]

Accessories, woodwork, cloth accessories, fortune telling, straps, power stones, embroidery goods, knitted hats, hand massages, etc.

Obuchiki singing contest [9:35 to 11:35]

A large gathering of Kunohe Village's singing talents!

Holding period 2024/7/14
Open time Doors open 9:00

Start time 9:30
Venue Kunohe Village Ski Resort Special Venue
Address Village-run Kunohe Ski Resort 〒028-6502 Kunohe Village Ihonai 18th District 41-6
Parking Yes (※ Due to limited parking at the venue, we ask that you use the Abe Etsuzo Shoten parking lot at the base (lower side). The first 700 people who cooperate (including passengers) will receive a special rubber band (not for sale)! The Abe Etsuzo Shoten parking lot is approximately 1.8 km from the venue, and is a 30-minute walk. A volunteer Hiace will also be operating free of charge, so please use it.)
Access 10 minutes by car from Kunohe Interchange
Price free entrance
Contact Kunohe Music Festival Executive Committee
HP Click here for official website and other related sites

※Event information is subject to change. Please see the official website for details.


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