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"Dreaming Elementary School Final Chapter" Screening, Lecture, and Talk Session

  2024/7/13 Kitakami   28 Views

Part 1: Screening of "Dreaming Elementary School: Final Chapter"

Doors open 10:00 Screening time 10:20-12:00

In 2020, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology made a major shift in its curriculum guidelines towards "inquiry learning." Kinokuni Children's Village Elementary School is an approved school that has been implementing "inquiry learning" for 30 years. It is a "dreaming elementary school" with no tests, no report cards, and no teachers.

The educational documentary "Dreaming Elementary School," which won the Documentary Category at the 32nd Japan Movie Critics Awards in 2023, has been re-edited with an additional 30 minutes of footage of the children who were elementary school students at the time now in their third year of junior high school.

This film depicts the children who, in a spiritually liberated environment, grow into third-year junior high school students without any rebellions and celebrate their second birth as socially competent people. This is an educational documentary about the future, full of hope, that values the individuality of each individual (selected by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology).

Part 2: Lecture: "Kinokuni-style child-rearing at home"

Time: 13:30-14:30

We will be welcoming Hiroshi Kato, principal of Minami Alps Children's Village Junior High School, which appears in the film, to talk about Kinokuni-style child-rearing that can be done at home.

Part 3: Talk session "The future of education"

Time: 14:40-16:00

Together with our guests, we will discuss the future of education.

Hiroshi Kato: Principal of Minami-Alps Children's Village Junior High School Takanori Kumagai: Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Free School Niji no Gakuen Yuko Senda: Midwife, Kitakami City Council Member Mamoru Sasaki: Kitakami City Council Member Fathering Japan Tohoku

[Coordinator (moderator)] Konno Sechu: Director of NPO Art Studio

Make your children happy first, everything else will follow.

With the number of students not attending school reaching 300,000 and Japan's public education system in great turmoil, now is the time to re-learn the nature of education.

Holding period 2024/7/13
Open time Doors open 10:00

Part 1: Film screening "Dreaming Elementary School Final Chapter" 10:20~

Part 2: Lecture "Kinokuni-style child-rearing course you can do at home" 13:30~

Part 3: Talk session "The future of education" from 14:40
Venue Japanese Modern Poetry and Literature Museum Lecture Hall
Address 2-5-60 Honjocho, Kitakami City
Parking Available (127 spaces)
Price Free (240 seats)
Contact Organizer: AZ Create Co., Ltd.

Person in charge: Tokimichi Konno

TEL: 080-1827-2499 Email: info@azcreate.jp
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