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[6/2] Change your life! The Power of Coaching

  2024/6/2~2024/6/2 Morioka City   26 Views

Coaching based on Adlerian psychology, which became famous through "The Courage to be Disliked"!

We have invited Miyakoshi Daiki, author of the hugely popular book "Change your life! How to develop a coaching brain," to be the lecturer for a lecture that will allow participants to experience coaching, learn about the joy of it, and make coaching even more enjoyable, held online with Sendai AER!

  • People in an organization who are struggling with developing their subordinates and new recruits
  • People who are having trouble communicating with their family or coworkers
  • People who wonder what their family and coworkers are thinking, but never tell them anything.

If you think "That might be me…" , come and experience the coaching magic of Daiki Miyakoshi, who has trained the most professional coaches in Japan!

Holding period 2024/6/2~2024/6/2
Open time Opening at 13:00

Show starts at 13:20
Venue Online (Zoom) and at the AER in front of Sendai Station

Address The Zoom URL will be sent directly to those who register.
Contact Pallet Inc.

Tamaki Kuroda


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