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  3. Protect yourself from viruses and natural disasters with “Ki”! The origin of Qigong “Qi Training” briefing session and trial lesson held ☆

Protect yourself from viruses and natural disasters with “Ki”! The origin of Qigong “Qi Training” briefing session and trial lesson held ☆

  2024/4/14~2024/4/28 Morioka City Aina Iwate Prefectural Civic Center   66 Views

Currently, at the Doike Do Gakuin Morioka venue.

Protect yourself from viruses and natural disasters with “Ki”! “Ki Training” information session/trial lesson ☆ is now being held!

Please take this opportunity to wear it.
Please use your own “Qi” to improve your immune system and natural healing power.


◆Date and time: April 14th (Sunday) 14:45 ~ [Tosai Classic Hall Iwate 4th floor Japanese-style room ① (Iwate Prefectural Civic Hall)] April 28th (Sunday) 14:45 ~ [Aina 8th floor Japanese-style room 809]

◆Venue: Varies depending on the schedule, so please check the above.
◆Participation fee: Information session is free, trial lesson 11,000 yen

*For inquiries, please call 0120-64-6140
*For reservations ⇒ https://www.dougakuin.jp/event/index_event.php


By improving the flow of Qi throughout the body with “Ki Training”,
By activating the cells in your body and increasing your immunity,
You can create a body that is less susceptible to all kinds of diseases.

Even with the new type of pneumonia, it is important to thoroughly wash your hands, gargle, and wear a mask.
After all, it is really important to increase your own immunity.

If your body's immunity improves, your mental immunity will also improve.
Don't give in to worries and stress,
You will be able to move forward in life with strength and flexibility.

With the power of “Ki'', you will be able to get rid of waste products from your mind and body, so
Become clean from the inside of your body, purify your mental stagnation,
To have the healthiest, most beautiful, most fortunate, and most happy constitution possible,
You can fix it from the root!

Additionally, the weather continues to change rapidly in various places, regardless of the season, such as earthquakes, torrential rain, and extremely hot days.

It is important to not take these sudden changes in weather lightly and to live in harmony with nature.
As humans, our bodies are actually called microcosms and are in harmony with nature.
If the outside air is rough, the internal qi will also be disharmonious.
At times like these, by training your Qi more thoroughly,
It is possible to harmonize and adjust the Qi within the body.

In today's world where natural disasters occur frequently, it is most important to hone your ki and strengthen your ki power.

Improves physical condition, increases natural healing power and resistance
Rejuvenation, diet, health and beauty
Increase self-defense and survival skills
Improve your luck, money luck, and communication skills
Recommended for those who want to aim for ☆

Very comfortable and easy
From the day I learned it,
You will be able to maintain your mind and body by yourself♪
Once you wear it, it will be your treasure for life!


[Trial lesson content]

You will learn the basic “leg massage method'' from “Ki no Doinjutsu,'' one of the three types of ki training.
When your mind circulates to the ends of your legs, your whole body will also circulate, increasing your “power of energy.''

◆For details ⇒ https://www.dougakuin.jp/topics/topics34.html
◆For inquiries ⇒0120-64-6140
◆For reservations ⇒ https://www.dougakuin.jp/event/index_event.php


*You can also participate in the individual briefing session only!

At individual briefing sessions, free of charge,
While asking about your body and mind,
You will learn about “Qi'' and the “relationship between Qi, body, and mind.''
For those who participated,
We are giving away a copy of the mental and physical health magazine “TAO'' (not for sale) to our students.

Please feel free to contact us.

Holding period 2024/4/14~2024/4/28
Open time Opening: Aina

Start: 14:45
Venue Tosai Classic Hall Iwate

Address 13-1 Morioka Uchimaru, Iwate Prefecture
Parking Yes (charges apply)
Access https://www.iwate-kenmin.jp/access/
Price Briefing session: Free

Trial lesson: 11,000 yen
Contact Taoist Tao Academy Secretariat

Toll free number 0120-64-6140

Or click here → https://www.dougakuin.jp/admission/inquiry.php
HP Click here for official website and other related sites

※Event information is subject to change. Please see the official website for details.


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