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We will relieve your anxiety about university entrance exams. Learn about university entrance exams.

A cram school for university entrance exam preparation in Oshu City, Iwate Prefecture

This is a notice from [Soraha Mathematical Academy].

From 13:30 on March 16th
University entrance exam study session “Learning about entrance exams” in the Z Hall conference room
will be held. We are still accepting applications.

At this time when students who are about to enter or advance to high school are about to take their new university entrance exams,

How should I apply for university entrance exams?

Do you ever feel anxious?

This spring, I participated in the "Learning about entrance exams" meeting.
By obtaining information and developing an entrance exam strategy, you can steadily move closer to getting into the school of your choice.
It can also relieve your anxiety about taking exams.

At the “Entrance Examination Meeting,'' we not only learn about the latest trends in university entrance exams, but also
We also provide strategies for passing the new university entrance exam.

From 2025, the entrance exam will be changed to a new course.
The exam situation has also changed significantly.
Considering this situation,
I hope to be able to provide new information on university entrance exams.
We will ask someone from the preparatory school to explain the process to someone specializing in entrance exams.
Anyone can participate, including children and parents.
Click here for details.
(Participant applications can be made from this special page)


Special website for the Association to Learn about Examinations

Those who are about to take university entrance exams,
I hope this will be useful to those who are newly entering high school.

thank you.

Holding period 2024/3/16
Open time Opening at 13:30

Show starts at 15:00
Venue Oshu City Cultural Hall Z Hall Conference Room
Address Oshu City Mizusawa Sakura River Ishibashi 41
Price Participation fee free
Contact Science and Mathematics Specialized Learning School Kuha Science and Mathematics Institute

Representative Yuki Ohira



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