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Hanamaki Spring Marche

  2024/4/7 Hanamaki   95 Views

Hanamaki Spring Marche will be held. The location is Hanamaki Exchange Hall (inside the former Hanamaki Airport Terminal Building).

A total of 36 stores will be open, including 13 food and beverage stores and 23 craft stores. You can also eat and drink in the dining area.

We will be preparing a gift for the first 30 people to arrive.

Holding period 2024/4/7
Open time opening

Show starts at 10:00
Venue Hanamaki Exchange Hall (former Hanamaki Airport Terminal Building)
Address 183-1, Kuzu 3rd Lot, Hanamaki City
Parking Free parking available
Access 5 minutes by car from Hanamaki IC
Price free entrance
Contact Regional Revitalization Creation Planning At・So Hasegawa 090-6222-2278


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