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Yuko Chida kickoff meeting

  2024/2/18 Kitakami   134 Views

Invitation to “Yuko Senda Supporters General Meeting”

nice to meet you. This is Yuko Senda Supporters Association.

We are taking on challenges in town development and political activities.

About Yuko Senda and town development activities

The reality is that it will be difficult to change society unless many people know about our existence and activities.

I would like to make the opinions and political seeds that I have received one by one even bigger and deliver them to Kitakami City and the city administration.

With this in mind, we will hold a Yuko Senda kick-off meeting (general meeting of supporters) on February 18th (Sunday) at the Aigori District Exchange Center.

*This page is free publication information.

Holding period 2024/2/18
Open time 14:00~16:00
Venue Aigori District Exchange Center
Address 19 Kofunzawa, Kitakamijocho-cho
Parking can be
Price free
Contact Yuko Senda Supporters Association

TEL: 090-2274-4775

MAIL: yukochida.kitakami@gmail.com
HP Click here for official website and other related sites

※Event information is subject to change. Please see the official website for details.


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