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MORIOKA ARTS TRAVERSE Morioka Tour Performing Arts Festival “The Charm of Marimba”

  2023/11/26 Morioka City Morioka Takugi / Kenji Seishunkan   167 Views

Ayako Kumagai, a marimba and percussionist with a wide repertoire ranging from classical to contemporary works, will perform a solo concert on the theme of "nature" at the "Yuko Kato Exhibition: Music Theory V" held at Morioka Takuboku/Kenji Seishunkan. We will deliver.


JS Bach: From Cello Suite No. 1 (arranged by marimba)

Keiko Abe: Bamboo forest

Takashi Yoshimatsu: Birdscape and others

Holding period 2023/11/26
Open time Opening at 14:30

Show starts at 15:00
Venue Morioka Takuboku/Kenji Seishunkan 2nd floor exhibition hall

(Elevator available)
Address 1-1-25 Nakanohashi-dori, Morioka City
Parking None Please use the nearby parking lot.
Access 27 minutes walk from Morioka Station 4 minutes walk from Morioka Bus Center
Price 1500 yen (capacity 60 people, unreserved seating, common)
Contact NPO Iwate Art Support Center


3rd floor, Morioka Minamiodori Building, 1-15-7 Minamiodori, Morioka City, Iwate Prefecture

TEL 019-656-8145 (Weekdays 9:00-18:00)

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