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MORIOKA ARTS TRAVERSE Morioka Tour Performing Arts Festival “Four Seasons of Iwate”

  2023/11/25~2023/11/26 Morioka City Iwate Prefecture Public Hall   184 Views

The Iwate Philharmonic Orchestra will take on Vivaldi's “The Four Seasons'' with Iwate-born violinist Tadashi Machida as soloist.

In addition, the up-and-coming composer Max Richter recomposed the elements of Vivaldi's Four Seasons, “25% Vivaldi,'' in between, and the charm of the classic masterpiece “The Four Seasons'' has been reconstructed from a modern perspective. Enjoy the unique comparison of the four seasons.


Vivaldi: The Four Seasons

M. Richter: Excerpt from 25% Vivaldi (Recomposed By Max Richter)

Holding period 2023/11/25~2023/11/26
Open time Doors open 30 minutes before each performance

Start 11/25 19:00

11/26 13:00
Venue Iwate Prefectural Public Hall Room 21

(The venue is on the second floor up the stairs. There is no elevator. There are multipurpose toilets.)
Address Morioka Uchimaru 11-2
Parking None Please use public transportation or nearby coin parking.
Access 24 minutes walk from Morioka Station 8 minutes walk from Morioka Bus Center
Price 1,500 yen (capacity 50 people, unreserved seating, common)
Contact NPO Iwate Art Support Center


3rd floor, Morioka Minamiodori Building, 1-15-7 Minamiodori, Morioka City, Iwate Prefecture

TEL 019-656-8145 (Weekdays 9:00-18:00)

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