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MORIOKA ARTS TRAVERSE Morioka Performing Arts Festival “Woodwind Quintet Concert”

  2023/11/23~2023/11/24 Morioka City Iwate Prefecture Public Hall   173 Views

We solicited composers from the public, and two composers stayed in Iwate and worked on composing.

Makoto Ohata's theme is "Iwate's traditional performing arts." Masaki Izawa composed a piece for woodwind quintet based on Kenji Miyazawa's "Twin Stars".

Five young artists with ties to Iwate formed a woodwind quintet. Enjoy this performance along with famous pieces by woodwind quintets from 100 years ago.


Makoto Ohata: New piece for woodwind quintet ( world premiere )

Masaki Izawa: New piece for woodwind quintet (world premiere)

F. Poulenc: Novelette for woodwind quintet

J. Ebell: Three Pieces

A. Kruckhardt: Woodwind Quintet etc. planned.

Holding period 2023/11/23~2023/11/24
Open time 30 minutes before each performance starts

Starts on 11/23 Muzhu 16:00/19:00

11/24Gold 19:00

Venue Iwate Prefectural Public Hall Room 26

(The venue is on the second floor up the stairs. There is no elevator. There are multipurpose toilets.)
Address Morioka Uchimaru 11-2
Parking None Please use public transportation or nearby coin parking.
Access 24 minutes walk from Morioka Station 8 minutes walk from Morioka Bus Center
Price 1,500 yen (capacity 50 people, unreserved seating, common)
Contact NPO Iwate Art Support Center


3rd floor, Morioka Minamiodori Building, 1-15-7 Minamiodori, Morioka City, Iwate Prefecture

TEL 019-656-8145 (Weekdays 9:00-18:00)

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