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Aoi Serita Violin Concert ~Late Autumn Music~

  2023/11/23~2023/11/23 Shiwa Town Nomura Kodo / Araebisu Memorial Hall
[Aoi Serita Violin Concert ~Late Autumn Music~]


This is a violin concert by Aoi Serita, who was one of the 12 violinists of Chisako Takashima. Mr. Serita is currently involved in a wide range of activities, including recording, live support for artists, orchestral and chamber music, and teaching the next generation.

The piano performer will be Yuria Katagiri, who has appeared in solo recitals and concerts overseas. This time, Mr. Katagiri will also perform a solo piano performance.

As autumn deepens, please enjoy the heart-warming tones of the violin.


Program (planned)
♪Chrysler “Beautiful Rosmarin”
♪Monty "Cardash"
♪Kreisler-Rachmaninoff “Sorrow of Love” (piano solo), etc.

Holding period 2023/11/23~2023/11/23
Open time Show starts at 14:00

(30 minutes before the opening)
Venue Nomura Kodo/Ara Ebisu Memorial Hall Ara Ebisu Hall
Address 193-1 Kuretsubo, Hikobe, Shiwa-machi, Shiwa-gun
Parking Free/60 units
Access Approximately 6 minutes by car from Hizume Station on the JR Tohoku Main Line / Approximately 25 minutes by car from Shin-Hanamaki Station on the JR Tohoku Shinkansen
Price Capacity: 70 people (all seats are free/application required)

*Adult 2,500 yen

*Cooperative association members 2,000 yen

*High school students and under: 1,000 yen

(Additional 500 yen on the day)
Contact Nomura Kodo/Ara Ebisu Memorial Museum

(Application for concert participation)

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※Event information is subject to change. Please see the official website for details.


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