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Tono Cultural Forum “For the re-evaluation of Yoshizen Sasaki”

  2023/10/21 Tono City Aeria Tono   92 Views

Tono Cultural Forum "For the re-evaluation of Yoshizen Sasaki" will be held.

This year marks the 90th anniversary of Kiyoshi Sasaki's death.We will evaluate the achievements of Kiyoshi Sasaki, shine a light on him not only as “the storyteller of Tono Monogatari,'' and rediscover his character.

Additionally, in the first half of the cultural forum, this year's Sasaki Kizen Award ceremony will be held.

Please feel free to come and visit us.

Holding period 2023/10/21
Open time Doors open 13:00

Start time 13:30

(Scheduled to end at 16:00)
Venue Aeria Tono Exchange Hall
Address 1-10 Shinmachi, Tono City
Parking Yes
Access 5 minutes walk from JR Tono Station
Price Free (*Pre-registration required.)
Contact Tono City Educational and Cultural Promotion Foundation

1-10 Shinmachi, Tono 028-0524

TEL 0198-62-6191 /FAX 0198-62-6195

[Application form]
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