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3rd Tenshochi Handmade Craft, Bread and Sweets Festival

  2023/9/3 Kitakami Exhibition resort   112 Views

On Sunday, September 3rd, the 3rd 'Handmade Craft Bread and Sweets Festival' will be held at Kitakami Tenshochi.

It will be held at the largest 99 stores in the city. The food and drink department, such as bread and sweets, which was popular last time, will be further increased to 35 stores, and 64 unique craft stores will be gathered. In addition to guitar playing and singing, there are plenty of events such as street dance, paroon art, and classic car exhibition. Although it is limited to children, there is also a candy maki. Present for 100 visitors. More fun! Sending fun from Kitakami!

Holding period 2023/9/3
Open time Opening 10:00

start the show
Venue Kitakami Tenshochi third parking lot
Address Kitakami City Tachibana 14 land allocation
Parking Yes Free
Access 5 minutes by car from JR Kitakami Station
Price free
Contact Regional Revitalization Creation Project At・So Hasegawa 090-6222-2278


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