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[Qualification issued] 8/11 ◆ Passion Discovery Instructor Training Course

  2023/8/11 Morioka City Aina   203 Views

"I don't know what I want to do"
"I want to find what I really want to do"
solved in 60 minutes! You can get a job with a qualification!
[Passion Discovery Instructor Training Course]

This course is
Not only do I know what I really want to do,

Learn how to find what people really want to do, and get the joy of work and personal growth.

This is a one-of-a-kind course.

[Details page such as tuition fees and contents]

[Six features of the course]

1. Learn how to find what you really want to do
2. Know what you really want to do
3. You can get a qualification in one day and start working right away
4. You can receive support for attracting customers and closing contracts
5. You can make friends and continue learning together
6. You can continue your activities with minimal cost

[Student impression]

● It is also important to be able to get the qualification for Mr. R's session,
I think it's very good to learn about the heart!
You can enjoy learning in a safe and secure environment!

welcoming atmosphere and
You have generously provided us with a wealth of knowledge.
The examples in the story were very interesting and easy to understand!

The (learnable) sessions are:
Since there is a video made by the association about the explanation part and after-sales support,
I felt that the hurdles to offer to customers were low.

People who are attracted to the word passion, people who want to know who they are,
I would like to recommend it to those who want to please the people around them and those who want to provide loving content.

●Mr. Y It was more fun than I imagined!
I think there is also the atmosphere of Mayu-san and the people who were with us,
I thought that knowing the source of each person's passion would dramatically change the quality of their lives.

The cards are beautiful, and I really enjoyed playing them.
I felt that it was one of the attractions that I could do in one hour!

can i stay like this? I would like to recommend it to those who have vague worries and anxiety.


8/11 (Holiday) Iwate
8/19 (Sat) Tokyo
9/9 (Sat) Okinawa
9/18 (Holiday) Tokyo
9/23 (Sat) Aomori
10/1 (Sun) Iwate

[Details page such as tuition fees and contents]

[Lecturer profile]

Mayumi Yamada HAPPY STANDARD Co., Ltd. CEO /
Passionate Life Association Representative / Mental Trainer / Seminar Lecturer

Social phobia from childhood, two divorces, depression, eating disorders,
After experiencing the suicide of his father and co-workers and the earthquake, he decided to change his life.
Study psychology to improve self-esteem
Utilize the subconscious mind and the law of attraction to realize almost all desires.

Guidance and support experience for more than 6000 people in Japan and overseas.
Although he is a junior high school graduate, he has experience as a part-time lecturer at a university and a seminar at a government agency.
The child passed Keio University active duty without cram school.

By clarifying “what you really want to do” and increasing your self-esteem,
Many clients have changed their lives for the better, such as self-fulfillment, ideal entrepreneurship, marriage, and significant increase in income.

“Creating a society where everyone can live happily in their own way”
To achieve this vision, we hold seminars all over the country.
The motto is "Life is a self-produced drama! It's okay anyway!"

Holding period 2023/8/11
Open time Reception 10:25

Start 10:30

Finish 16:30
Another schedule 10/1 (Sun) Iwate
Venue Iwate Citizen Information Exchange Center Aina
Address 1-7-1 Morioka Station Nishi-dori, Morioka City
Contact HAPPY STANDARD Co., Ltd.

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