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The second regular concert

  2023/5/14 Hanamaki Hanamaki Cultural Center
Holding period 2023/5/14
Open time Opening 12:00

Start 13:00
Venue Hanamaki City Cultural Center
Address 3-16-22 Wakaba-cho, Hanamaki-shi
Parking 350 units
Access About 7 minutes by car from JR Hanamaki Station. About 20 minutes on foot. About 10 minutes from Hanamaki Minami IC. from
Price Entrance fee 1,000 yen

High school students and younger 500 yen

Free seating
Contact Ticket handling Hanamaki City Cultural Center

TEL 0198‐24‐6511


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花巻第九の会 テラ・ムジーコ

花巻第九の会 テラ・ムジーコ

花巻第九の会 テラ・ムジーコからの更新通知を受け取る



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