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Parent-child English picture book and handicraft experience session

  2023/4/15 Takizawa City Big roof takizawa   89 Views

Why don't you play English with the theme of "Hungry Aomushi"? We will make a simple butterfly using plant-dyed wool and wool.

Soften your nervous heart in the new semester.

Saturday, April 15th

Big Roof Takizawa Japanese Style Room 2

➀ 9:30〜10:30 Elementary school 3rd grade〜

② 10:40-11:40 Kindergarten to 1st and 2nd grade

Membership fee 2,500 yen for parents and children (siblings + 1,000 yen)

Holding period 2023/4/15
Open time ➀ 9:30 ~ 10:30

② 10:40~11:40
Venue Big Roof Takizawa

Japanese style room 2
Address 1-15 Shimoukai, Takizawa City
Parking Yes
Price 2500 yen for parent and child

(Brother participation +1000 yen)
Contact english classroom littlrcreek

Waldorf Handwork Class roca-de-mano

Yamada Kiriko






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