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Brush up on your love♪ in KUJI

  2023/3/12~2023/3/12 Kuji City   145 Views

Kuji 3/12 ( Sun ) [Sales booth information]


Store specializing in block print wear

Exciting clothes " asyik "

Let me introduce you♪

The soft fabric can also be used in winter.

Recommended for room wear too 🥰

India 🇮🇳 Made by craftsmen of partner workshop

Selling Indian cotton wear with original designs

Everything is made by hand by artisans

Indian traditional craft "Block print"

Dye is applied to a hand-carved woodblock, one pattern at a time.

Because it prints on the cloth like pressing a plate

Uniquely soft lines and

The overlapping of beautiful colors is attractive🇮🇳

Look 👁 Through my sleeves ♪ My heart dances involuntarily

Please take a look at the beautiful wear at the venue 🧡

Store specializing in block print wear

" asyik " _ _


Event date and time 3/12 ( Sun ) 11:00 to 16:00

Location YOMUNOSU multipurpose room (1st floor )

3-58 Chuo, Kuji City, Iwate Prefecture

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Holding period 2023/3/12~2023/3/12
Open time Opening at 10:30

The show starts at 11:00~
Venue YOMUNOSU multi-purpose room (first floor)
Address 3-58 Chuo, Kuji City, Iwate Prefecture
Parking can be
Access 1 minute walk from Kuji Station
Price free entrance
Contact Leading to a dimension that cannot be reached on its own

Light Center Nefer (on a nationwide business trip)

~ For those who want to create a future beyond their expectations ~


Individual (face-to-face/remote) session

Various metaphysical classes, meditation handdowns

Lightworker Healer Training

Meditation and hands-on event planning

(Home parties, stores, corporate dispatch, etc.)

HP Click here for official website and other related sites

※Event information is subject to change. Please see the official website for details.


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LightCenter Nefer

LightCenter Nefer

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