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Gekidan Ichigekiya Performance "Rias Hall Dungeon"

  2023/3/17~2023/3/19 Ofunato Rias Hall   447 Views

For the first time in two years, we will be holding an experience-based theater where you can enjoy the Rias Hall as a maze = dungeon! In addition to the lobby and audience seats, this is a play-style backstage tour where you can enjoy walking around the backstage, which is usually not possible.

Theater is not just about sitting in the audience and watching the stage! Before you know it, you too will be a character in the story! ?

Holding period 2023/3/17~2023/3/19
Open time March 17 (Fri) ①19:30 start

March 18 (Sat) ① 11:00 start ② 15:00 start ③ 19:00 start

March 19 (Sun) ①11:00 start ②15:00 start

*Doors open 30 minutes before each performance time

*After the performance ends at 3:00 p.m. on Saturday, March 18, an after-talk will be held by the performers.
Venue Ofunato Civic Cultural Center Rias Hall Large Hall
Address 18-1 Shimodateshita Morimachi, Ofunato City
Parking Yes (free: about 300)
Access 6 minute walk from Tamoyama Station on the BRT Ofunato Line / 15 minute walk from Sakari Station on the Sanriku Railway or BRT Ofunato Line
Price General 1,000 yen / High school students and younger 500 yen *Capacity of 40 people per session

Advance sales start from Saturday, January 14
Contact Ticket requests, reservations and inquiries

Ofunato Civic Cultural Center TEL0192-26-4478

Email: rias-hall@city.ofunato.iwate.jp
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※Event information is subject to change. Please see the official website for details.


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