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IWATE AIR/AIR Kyle Yamada, Rena Kimura Cocco Doodle Doo in the Land of Dawn

It is said that a prince who was exiled from the capital once lived in Miyako during the Heian period. The prince did not get used to this land, and lamenting his own misfortune, he threw himself into the sea and lost his life. The corpse was found by a chicken that the prince loved. The prince's grave later became Kuromori Shrine, and the land where his body was found came to be called Isokei.

It's probably all a lie.
It is hard to imagine that people (let alone nobles) moved from the capital to Sanriku in such an era. It lacks persuasive power. However, I try to dream about the life of such a prince. I believe that he must have gathered local people and held a poetry party to fill his loneliness. For Heian people, poetry gatherings are basically karaoke.

So we're thinking of renting a large stage at the Miyako Citizen's Cultural Center and holding a karaoke party. Come sing a song Or come see someone sing.

Holding period 2023/1/15
Open time Opening 12:30

Start 13:00
Venue Miyako Citizen's Cultural Center Large Hall
Address 2-22 Isokioki, Miyako City
Price "Utau Ticket" 500 yen

"Watch ticket" 1,000 yen

* About "Utau Ticket" and "Watch Ticket"

During the performance, there is always someone singing karaoke on stage.

For those who want to sing, you can watch it for 500 yen as a "singing ticket", and for those who want to watch it without singing, you can watch it for 1000 yen as a "watching ticket".
Contact Miyako City Cultural Center

TEL: 0193-63-2511
HP Click here for official website and other related sites

※Event information is subject to change. Please see the official website for details.


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